Dec 1, 2015

My Future Son-in-Law......

I realize that I am going to blink my eyes an my precious baby girl will be preparing for her wedding day.  That makes me so excited and so scared all at the same time.
I pray all the time for her future husband.  I have so many specific qualities I would love for him to have.  Her dad and I will be trusting our precious little girl's heart to this man to take and cherish forever!
 I also pray that we raise her to make good choices and to trust in God to send her the husband that He chose for her.  I realize that she is only 6 now but I believe it's never to early to prepare your children for their future mate.  And it's never to early to start praying specifics over them!

Here are a few thoughts and prayers that I pray over my future son in law!

That he right now in this moment is being raised in a Christian home and is falling in love with Jesus even at an early age!

That he grow to be a man of mighty faith.
A man of integrity.
A loyal and honest man.
I pray that he is brave and smart.
I pray that he is raised with convictions and that he always fears God.
I pray that he prays daily and carries it on to pray with my daughter as a couple.
I hope that he grows to be a leader but that he is always led by only God.

I pray that he cherishes my little girls heart always.
That he protects her both physically and mentally.

I pray that he will always handle my daughter with grace and forgiveness.
I pray that he is patient with her.
I hope that he is compassionate towards her.
I hope that he knows that love is a choice that he should make daily.

I pray that both my daughter and he knows what a covenant before God means before saying "I do".

I pray with all that I am that he will learn early on and continue to know that he is to love my little girl like Christ loves His church.

I also hope they have so many of the little things that us women actually consider to be BIG things!

Watch a "chick flick"'s ok to watch one with her every now and then!

Romancing her!  You can still be macho and manly and do something romantic!

Flowers.....girls love flowers for no reason.  Not Valentines or holidays but just for no reason.

Compliment her.  I hope that he tells her everyday that she is beautiful, smart, funny, strong........
Tell her he is proud of her.
That he is blessed to have her!

Take her on date nights.....let her get dressed up!
Walk on the beach.
I pray that you teach her your hobbies.
Travel with her.

I end by saying that I pray that he loves us and thinks of us as his second set of parents.

I pray that he will see Christ in our marriage and that my little girl does too!

Don't worry if you are still with me......I have a long list of things I am going to try to teach my daughter as I know that the mother of this young man is out there today praying for my little girl.  I pray that this mother and I became great friends and grandmother's together one day!

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