Aug 12, 2015


I was so excited to write our vows.  Yes, I said OURS!  This girl was in control of it all when it came to our wedding.  Me and my mom that is!!!!  :)

I can remember getting a book from a sweet friend of my mother in law and was so excited to read through it and read all of the different vows in it.  I sat down and wrote out what exactly we were to say to each other.
I meant what I was writing but not once did I pray over them or even consult my soon to be husband. He didn't seem to worried about it either at the time.  I think he was just ready to get this wedding show over and done with.  Even after writing them out for us both the night of rehearsal the preacher that married us had changed them all up!  Not one word was from me or my heart it was all his words.  Some of the words I didn't even understand but I was young and didn't speak up!

It all boils down to that we were to young to get married.  Both in age and most of all spiritually!  I often wonder what our lives would have been like if we would have had a daily walk with our Lord and a real relationship with Him.  Not just the one where you know who He is and you have even accepted Him as your savior but the one where He is your go to for everything!  I am embarrassed to say that He wasn't back then.

I am not saying that we have had a bad marriage.....of course we haven't.  Yes, we have had some big ups and some big downs but we have stuck it out.  We have grown so much in our faith that sometimes I look back at our wedding with regrets.   Not the actual wedding itself but the parts that should be the most important like THE COVENANT!

If I could say new vows today they would be so different.  They would be words filled with the Holy Spirit and words that I mean....they would be MY words and Marc's would be HIS words.  Promises that I would never break and a real covenant between me, God and my husband!  I wouldn't change one thing about my life and even some of the trials we have been through because that is what grows us but I would change the fact that the Lord would be the one officiating my ceremony and not my flesh!

Who knows maybe one day we will have that chance but until then tomorrow I will spend time with my hubby and remember the last 21 years of our marriage and how God has blessed us so much even if we didn't always do His will!

My catch!!!!!  

A great night in NYC!  Nothing better than a date night with my hubby!!!!

One thing we have always had is laughter!!!!!  This man makes me laugh like no other!!!!

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