Aug 15, 2015

Our Anniversary and a new ME!

We had a really good anniversary night out!  We went to a fancy restaurant and spent the night on the water in Corpus at the Omni!  We exchanged gifts and talked a lot about the last 21 years of our marriage.  We are blessed for sure.  We didn't get here easy but I am so proud of the hard work we have put in and of our beautiful family that God created for us!
Every prayer I had for this night was answered and then some!  God is that good when you are faithful to Him and follow His plan for your life.  
Hubby looks a little drunk but I promise he wasn't!  This was the best pic out of the two the girl took for us!
The view from our suite!  We had two balconies!!!  This was so pretty at night! on to the new ME!  Here are some my "new" before pictures that hubby took for me a few days ago.  My hubby and I decided that I would not post some of them because I am just not comfortable showing that much skin. (But then again I am training for a bikini contest!)  My family and friends won't be at the show though (only hubby) and no one will really know me so maybe that is how I am condoning it!  Idk.........

I have one more week of the kids being home then I will start training five days with my trainer and even some days have two a days which will be mostly cardio!
I am starting back Monday on my meal plan and eating really clean!  I have about twenty or more pounds I want to loose again.  I have seemed to hit a plateau and need to kick start it again!

I am scared at the hard work I have ahead of me but so excited to achieve my goal.  I have even thought if I work hard enough I can do it sooner than next summer.  We will see!

As you can see I have love handles!  I REALLY have to work on my tummy!
I also have thick thighs so I have some work to do there too!

This picture wasn't the best quality but I am covered!  Excited to compare in a month or two!

That is the only ones I am going to share for now!  Maybe once I get to the finished product I will share a side by side!  

My waist measured 36 inches......that was putting the tape directly over my belly button!  (In March it measured 42)  WOW!  

I haven't done my other measurements yet but will do those this week.  I am also going to figure out my fat percentage so I can work on getting that down!  

Gonna be a busy year but one I can't wait to do!

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