Aug 31, 2015

A Letter to Emily......when she is grown!

My Sweet Precious Girl.......

I prayed for you this morning like I do most mornings.  This morning was different.  I prayed for strength and a wholeness for you that can only come through Christ.  I prayed that you know without a doubt that not only are you our daughter but that you are a daughter of The King.  I pray that as your mother and a women myself I can instill this in you all of your days as my little girl living in my home.  I pray that I can equip you with the right tools to be a strong women in Christ! 

The world is going to tell you that you need an education, work experience, and that you are wrong if you want to just be a mom and wife.  Yes, an education is an amazing thing and I hope that you decide that you want to go to college and yes women can do and be anything they want in this world and that is a great thing.  I pray that God shows you over time the unique talents and gifts that He created you with.  I pray that I instill in you a confidence that is unbreakable.  I hope that you ignore what the world offers to you and you only look to Christ and what He offers you.  
I hope that I don't teach you to "breathe fire" like the world is saying to women of faith and stay at home mom's right now but I hope that I teach you to honor God for all that he made you to be....whatever that is!  

There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom if that is what you choose.  I have been one my whole married life.  That is all I ever wanted to be.  Have I struggled with feelings of not measuring up to "the world" because of it?  Yes, but God reminds me every day that you and your brothers are my calling and "the world" doesn't make me who I am!  Christ did and still does! There is also nothing wrong with being a mother and wife that works out of the home!  Your Meme was and she is strong and independent and beautiful! 

There is no higher calling than to be a loving wife and mother! (taken from the words of your mamaw!)

I hope that either one you choose you will try your best to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother.  

A woman who was a wife and mother; smart enough to consider a piece of real estate, buy it and plant a vineyard, she also made and sold fine fabrics. A woman who rose early to take care of household's needs. Her husband admired her. She was wise and kind, she gave to the poor. This is the kind of woman we should all strive to be, the kind of example for all daughters.
~again taken from Mamaw's words to me recently but straight from the Bible!

So my sweet girl.....I leave you with were created by God, a miracle baby from conception, a gift to your Dad and I for hard work and restoration, you were created for a higher calling that one day will be revealed to you.  I hope that you accept it with confidence and with strength and know that no matter what the Lord is your rock.  He is your everything.  He offers grace everyday and so should you.  He died for our sins and we should be quick to offer forgiveness and mercy.  I have no doubt that you are going to be a wonderful mother and wife one day if that is the path He has chosen for you!   

I love you my angel,

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Barbora Cole said...

Beautiful. I hope to share this.