Apr 14, 2015

My kid just doesn't measure up!

Is a lie!  A lie that the devil wants you to believe because if you, THEIR MOM OR DAD, believe that then so will your child one day!

Is your kid the one on the baseball field that is WAY out there in outfield picking the flowers or picking grass?  Is your kid the one that keeps that bench warm most of the time?  Is your kid the one that has to have the tutors just to pass that math class?  Is your child the shy one?  Or maybe your child is the very outgoing one that seems to, by some people's opinions, be way to outgoing?  Or maybe your child just didn't want to play sports or learn an instrument?  That list can go on and on by today's standards of what makes our children successful kids or even teenagers.

It's hard as a mom to watch all of those things.  Believe me I have been there.  I have been that mom.  I have been that mom that reads the Facebook status's about how this kid made honor roll, this one made all stars, this one got in this great college and so on......... and sometimes you feel sorry for yourself as a mom and your child because YOU know that your child is just as great as "the others".

But for a split moment the devil leads you to think your child is not as good as those kids.  Sometimes it even lasts longer than a split second.  But then I look at my child and I know that he (or she) was created by God and He does not make mistakes on how he makes us.

One day I decided that I was not going to dwell on what my kids can't do and start praising them for what they can do.....even if it doesn't involve any of the above mentioned!  That is a picture of what the world thinks they should be.....not what Christ wants them to be!   I wish more people could see that and really know it.

My oldest son has been at a crossroads so to speak the last few months.  He graduated from high school and we moved the next day.  He then went off to college only to learn that it wasn't for him right now.  He came home.  I know that he was embarrassed even though he has nothing to be embarrassed about.  He did nothing wrong.  Just wasn't ready.  He's questioned everything he's ever done academically and has doubted his ability to do anything many times over the last few months UNTIL he and I started praying together each night.

We pray simple prayers of "Lord, show us what your will is?"  "Lord, go before Taylor and make the path straight so that he knows without a doubt what he is to do in life."  We praise Him for the things he is going to do in Taylor's life and praise Him for all he has already done.

Over the last week or longer the Lord has revealed to Taylor and to me all the things he is good at the main one being computers.  That boy seriously is a computer genius.  I guarantee he could be an IT guy right now if a college degree wasn't needed.   But it is required.

I opened my Bible not to long ago and a piece of construction paper fell out.  I honestly do not remember putting it in my Bible but somehow it was there.  It was a paper that was Taylor's in the 4th grade and all of his classmates signed it and were to write something they liked about him.  EVERY kid in that class told him he was smart with computers.....and he had good hair!  LOL!  4th grade and  God planted had already planted that seed in him then!  I remember him coming home telling me he helped his teacher hook up her computer and he was so proud!

So see.....even that long ago when he was sitting the bench or picking flowers outfield trying to find what he was good at it was something that the "world" doesn't see.  We assume that because we don't see a child's talents that they don't have any.  That is not true!  Your child being great at computers in the 4th grade isn't Facebook worthy........it would sound weird to others!  It shouldn't but it would.

I think about my Jesse.......he is in the 4th grade now and is a work horse!  He played football this year and it was his first year and he was mostly a bench warmer.  That is fine though.....he had fun at practice and learning the game but at home he has taught himself everything there is to know about gooseneck trailers and big trucks!  HE LOVES trailers and trucks. He can tell you every brand make and model I think!  Maybe those things will be his passion in life somehow.  He loves to work and help prepare our farm.  Maybe that will be his gift.  Again, something we see, and God sees, but not the world!

I also have Noah.....who gets out there and tries his best at every sport he wants to play.  He LOVES basketball and football.  He isn't the best player but he's far from the worst.  He's an honor student and a go getter that never meets a stranger and I know God will lead him far in life.  To the world he is on his way to the all american dream and while I am so happy for him and can't wait to see what God's will is for his life I know it will be just as good as his brother's and sister.

So, I think my point to all of this is to tell you don't let the devil tell you that lie in your head that your kid is not as good as the jock that makes straight A's that will be going to the best college there is.  Pray and let God show you his/her gifts that maybe we the world don't see but you as mom or dad do!
And to the mom or dad that might be reading this thinking you failed somehow......you didn't!  You have a child that is just as special maybe even more as their life, gift and talents just look a little different.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

God Bless!!!

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renee said...

Thank you Lesley!! I struggle with this DAILY!! sometimes I hate FB for this!!