Apr 26, 2015

My Fitness Journey Update!

Well it's been 4 months since I walked into Clydesman Fitness!  Wow........time sure flies!  I feel like the first month was rocky......it was so hard!  The hardest workouts I have ever done.  It wasn't until about the middle of February that I felt like I was in the grove of things and it was then that I switched to 5 days a week with my trainer!
I still am so scared of pull ups, even assisted, and I am just now doing better at burpees and I loose every challenge we do at the gym BUT I never quit!  I have the best two trainers and they don't let me quit and I really don't want too!

I went to my well woman check up on January 17 so that was a day I weighed and was disgusted once again!  Since that date I have lost ten pounds.  The last time I weighed was about a month ago when I was sick.  That was around March 24th.  I just can't bring myself to weigh again right now as I know if it doesn't show something I am happy with I will be discouraged!   Until that day I feel confident to weigh I will just do measurements and pictures.  I actually didn't do my measurements until March 11th so I have probably actually lost a little more.

Since then I have lost 2 inches off my waist and just this morning finally measured 1 inch off my hips!  They were staying the same.  ALL THE SQUATS!  We do a ton of squats!!!!  I can handle a small waist and big booty as long as it's a hard booty and not a giggly one!!!!  So those measurements are just in the last month......2 inches in one month!  I am happy!

I haven't taken any pictures in my same before outfit but will do that this week.  I did take a picture tonight after wearing a pair of shorts I bought last summer and I could not hold them up today!  I am putting these in the donation box for sure.

I will be honest here and say that I don't feel like the skin on my tummy area is going to bounce back.....I am forty!!!  I think it will be loose once I reach my goal so as I told my trainer come about December or January of next year if I go missing for a couple of weeks then you know I got that stuff fixed!  IE: tummy tuck!!!  LOL!  He says I won't need it......we shall see!!!

I am going to take all the other measurements this week.....arms, thighs, chest, etc........

Stay tuned!!!!!

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