Feb 26, 2015

What a Typical Workout Is for Me!

Today’s work out!

Row for 10 minutes to warm up

Bench Press and Push ups

(Right now for more than just a few reps I can only bench press the bar which is about 45 lbs....sometimes he will add tens but I can't do to many of those!) I have horrible upper body strength.  I still have to do push ups on my knees but they are getting better!

(1 BP then 10 push ups, 2 BP then 9 push ups, 3 BP then 8 push ups…..all the way down to 10 BP and 1 push up)

Then I have 8 minutes to do…. (I completed one and a half rounds)

200 meter row

6 steps overs on the box

10 hanging knee ups (hanging from the bar and bringing your knees up)

15 shoulder press  (again I use the 45 lb bar)

20 kettle bell swings

30 jump ropes singles

Repeat that but only had 7 minutes to do it and again completed one a half rounds but shaved a minute off my time!


Today I burned about 500 calories and my heart rate got up to about 175 during that time.  I mostly stay at 160 which is good.  It got to 185 one time which isn't to good......or could be bad!  

I am in my second week of 5 day a week training and I still love it!  I can't wait to see my results a year from now.  I am already seeing myself getting stronger and things are getting somewhat easier for me.  SOME THINGS!  Not all!!!  

My body is changing and I am still working on getting the nutrition part right but that will come I know.  I am educating myself and reading everything I can on nutrition and how your metabolism and body works.  

I am thankful for my trainer and friends I have made at my gym that push me to do my best which is always more than I think I can!

I DEAD LIFTED 195#'s last night!  That is HUGE for me!!!!  I was proud!  

I could go on and on about what my gym has done for me but I will stop now!  That is another day!  Have a great day friends......it's beautiful here at Sarita Farms!  Do something active!!!!!

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