Feb 10, 2015

Update to my Fitness Training.........

I am going into my 8th week of working out and after a rough start I am happy to say I am down 4lbs and getting stronger!  One more pound to reach my 5 lb goal for each month!  I didn't do it in January but I am confident that I can loose another pound in February!
It's not easy and lifting weights makes it slower as you are building muscle too.  I keep having to remind myself of that and try not to weigh to often!  Some even say throw the scale away!  One day!!!!!

I go Monday, Wednesday, Friday and try to get at least one class in there too.  Last week was the first time I worked out five days in a row.  Three one on ones with my trainer and two classes!

I love it.  It's is becoming an addiction.  I can't wait to be able to do simple things easily....like push ups and burpees!  I am NOT good at burpees!

Some of you know that I have horrible anxiety at times and I feel like I haven't had any in the last few weeks so I know that working out and better foods have really helped that.

My energy level is much better.  My want to eat right is better than ever!  (did that make sense?)

I spend any free time I have researching eating clean and nutrition and I love reading about real people that have made this transformation and even fitness experts and what they have to say!  I can't get enough of it lately!

I am so excited for myself and for what is to come!

Next week starts FIVE days one on one training!  Pray for me!!!  :)

PS....when I loose ten pounds I will post a side by side picture of day one and that day!

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