Jan 21, 2015

It's All about that Jesse.....bout that Jesse!

I wanted to write today about my Jesse!  Oh my gosh.....how I love this boy of mine!  Sometimes I could just eat him up.  I do sometimes just squeeze him and kiss all over his face.  I was thinking about him the other day and wanted to write down the things I love about him and the things that he's loves right now so I never forget them!

This boy LOVES the dirt!  He plays in the dirt with his trucks and cars every day that it's not raining or to cold!

He is obsessed with trailers.  I am talking like big goose neck trailers.  He can tell you names of them who makes them and how you hook them up!  He watches YouTube videos on them all the time!

He loves office supplies!  He has a whole drawer full.

He loves AX deodorant, shampoo......the whole line of products!

He is not crazy about reading as you can tell here!  His dad made he and his brother read this book and his heart was not in it!  He did end up finishing it and liking it though!

I love how confident he is!  This was the second week of his new school and he ran for office in Student council!

He loves to make me laugh!
 He loves doing things around the farm with his dad!  They fill feeders, repair fences, tractor work, you name it!  He is right there!  He is a work horse and will work hard for anything you need done!

He LOVES me!  He is my baby!  

He is learning to cook at the age of 9.  He got that from Noah!  If they are hungry they take care of things themselves!!!

 He loves trucks......especially old ones like my mom's!  He is itching to drive it soon!  He has been driving a golf cart for about 4 years now and is a great driver!!

He loves to take selfies on my phone!!!!  
 He loves the show Heartland and swears he is going to be a bull dogger one day and be on the rodeo circuit!

He is so proud of his new friends at school!  He fits right in!  

I am so blessed that God chose me to mother this sweet boy!  He is, what I call, the ultimate little boy!  At any time you can find rocks, pencils, or just about any kind of weird object in his pocket!

I know God has huge plans for this boy of ours and I can't wait to see his life unfold..............

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