Jan 10, 2015

Hunter's Widow........

I often wonder how many hunter's widows there are around this time of year.  A LOT I bet!  It's a lonely place to be.  I know because I used to be one!  For MANY years!  

My hubby would leave on Thursday morning very early and not return home until Sunday evening.  That is more than just a weekend.  That is four entire days out of a seven day week!  He started sometimes in October feeding and planting and whatever else you do and went all the way through to January.  Sometimes planting could be year round.  This went on for years!  

Then one day it caught up.  Hunting (and other things) had slowly eaten away at our marriage.  I was resentful for him being gone all the time and he was resentful for me not wanting him to go.  As a young wife I thought he loved hunting more than me.  In a sense he did at that time.  I was lonely.  

It was right before hunting season that we hit rock bottom.  He actually went hunting for a two week period to clear his head and it was then that God told him no more.  That he was putting hunting before God, before his wife, before his kids, before everything.  He says he can't really explain his time in the woods at that time but he knew it had to change!  He knew he had to change.  I had some changing to do too.

It was shortly after that time that he decided to take a break from hunting and concentrate on getting our family back together.  He did just that.  He started putting me first, our marriage first and our kids first.  We, together, spent many years making sure we got our marriage back on track and putting Christ first.  The funny thing is he still hunted here and there and even had to opportunity to hunt in Africa and some other places but because his priorities were straight and the kids and I came first it wasn't an issue!  I know it was because he selflessly gave up something he loved so much for God and his family!  He was obedient to God's word and will for his life.  For our lives......and most importantly for our marriage!

That was 8 years ago!  Wow.....seems like yesterday but sometimes seems like forever ago!  I admire my hubby for the changes he made.  He made many more than I did.  He gave up a passion and real love of his for me.  That is something I will never forget!   

It's funny how God works though..................

Today.....practically in our backyard.....hubby shot the biggest buck he's ever shot!  And he has seen a lot of deer in his time!  He hunted on a lease for years that was known for it's trophy bucks.   

As I went with him to get it in the tractor and bring it up to the house I thought about how far God has brought us in our marriage.  I thought about if you are obedient to Him you don't have to give up your passions and things you love.  You just have to do it His way and in His timing!  

I am so excited for him to teach our boys and even Emily to hunt and to see if any of them love it like their dad does!  

Today was a cold, rainy day but a good one!  One I will never forget!  Thank you God for your blessing.

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