Jan 8, 2015


I wrote a while back about friendship and the laughter, happiness and even pain and hurt that goes along with having friends!  THAT POST IS HERE

Lately, I have missed my friends back home so much.  I have grieved the loss of some but also got to spend time with one that is my bestie lately!  And another one is coming soon to visit!

I have a NEW friend that reached out and helped me with a few things when we first moved here.  She is a teacher at my little one's school and even though we haven't really got to visit and get to know each other YET.......I know there is a relationship there.  The other night she wrote this to me and it hit me...........God used her to speak to me that night and give me hope and she didn't even know it!

"I truly believe that God puts us where we need to be and surrounds us with the people He knows we need. He introduces us to new friends amidst our struggles, and keeps close those we rely on the most. And I believe that those people and their roles in our lives can change over time...it's all in HIS hands!"

She didn't know that I had a bad day that day.  She didn't know that I was feeling hurt and confused but in what she said I KNEW that God, through my new, sweet friend, was telling me that this friend that I was missing that day has had her role changed.   She touched my life for a long time.  We had the best season and I know will still have a moment here or there but mostly our season is over.  She taught me many things that I can't even share here.   We have laughed together,  cried together, and prayed together.  We have so many great memories that I am going to remember forever!

So today....instead of being bitter and hurt.....I am going to choose to be thankful for that season and for those memories and secrets that we still share!

God has forgiven us for so much more than we could ever be mad or hurt at someone for!  I am going to choose to remember that and choose to remember that God is in control of everything even friendships!

Ringing in the New Year with old friends that I love very much!!!!  

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