Jan 20, 2015

After being knocked down........

MANY times this week tomorrow I will be back working out with my trainer!  First the flu knocked out my two little ones and my hubby, then just taking the tamiflu did me in a couple of days, traveling to Austin and then to Houston, and then hearing the doctor tell me some hard truths about my weight I have felt like I have been knocked down many times this last week!

But the good thing is that tomorrow is a new day and a new start!

Tonight after getting out of the shower and putting on a clean pair of yoga pants I thought to myself....I am so sick of these pants!  That is ALL I wear and I don't even look good in them!  I really think if they were acceptable at church I would wear them there.  I dread putting on any regular pants or god forbid I put on jeans!  I don't want to do that.  I want to wear jeans and look and feel cute in them.  I want to wear dresses this spring and not have to worry about my thighs rubbing together.  And MAYBE one day actually wear a bathing suit.

I never did do my measurements so I am going to do that tomorrow and they weighed me at the docs office so I found out then that I did not make my 5 pound weight loss goal for this last month but that's OK.  Starting fresh tomorrow!!!

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