Jan 18, 2015

40 things I love about my hubby.............

In honor of my hubby turning the big 4-0 this weekend I thought I would list 40 things I love about him!

1.  He loves God.
2.  He's the smartest man I know.
3.  He's a hard worker.
4.  He is my biggest fan.  He encourages me and tells me I can do and be anything I want.
5.  He kisses me on my neck every morning before he leaves!
6.  He's a great provider.  Not just money wise but anything we need!
7.  He's kind.
8.  He is proud of his boys and is the ultimate "Daddy" to his little girl.
9.  He's patient.
10.  He's so quick to say I am sorry even if he wasn't in the wrong.
11.  He's a giver.
12.  Part of his heart is in Haiti.
13.  He gets more handsome each day!
14.  He loves music.
15.  He plays the guitar and I love to listen to him play.
16.  He loves his tractor.
17.  He is excited to grow our farm.
18.  He serves and protects the people for free but gives it his all.
19.  He gives people opportunities in the work forsce that they would have never had anywhere else.
20.  He doesn't have a lazy bone in his body.
21.  He can do anything.
22.  He likes to surprise me.
23.  He makes me laugh until I cry sometimes.
24.  He loves my long hair.
25.  He thinks I am the best decorator.
26.  He trusts me with our finances.
27.  He buys me the best gifts.
28.  He writes me the best cards.
29.  He will see a chick flick with me anytime.
30.  He loves to have coffee on our porch.
31.  He makes me the best sweet tea.
32.  He is my best friend.
33.  He's as macho as it gets but loves to be pampered.
34.  He calms me down.
35.  He takes my worries away.
36.  He is so confident and it shows.
37.  He loves animals.....especially his side kick Indie.
38.  He gives second chances.
39.  He's the best role model to our children.
40.  He LOVES his momma!!!

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Christy said...

Y'all are so precious!