Jan 21, 2015

It's All about that Jesse.....bout that Jesse!

I wanted to write today about my Jesse!  Oh my gosh.....how I love this boy of mine!  Sometimes I could just eat him up.  I do sometimes just squeeze him and kiss all over his face.  I was thinking about him the other day and wanted to write down the things I love about him and the things that he's loves right now so I never forget them!

This boy LOVES the dirt!  He plays in the dirt with his trucks and cars every day that it's not raining or to cold!

He is obsessed with trailers.  I am talking like big goose neck trailers.  He can tell you names of them who makes them and how you hook them up!  He watches YouTube videos on them all the time!

He loves office supplies!  He has a whole drawer full.

He loves AX deodorant, shampoo......the whole line of products!

He is not crazy about reading as you can tell here!  His dad made he and his brother read this book and his heart was not in it!  He did end up finishing it and liking it though!

I love how confident he is!  This was the second week of his new school and he ran for office in Student council!

He loves to make me laugh!
 He loves doing things around the farm with his dad!  They fill feeders, repair fences, tractor work, you name it!  He is right there!  He is a work horse and will work hard for anything you need done!

He LOVES me!  He is my baby!  

He is learning to cook at the age of 9.  He got that from Noah!  If they are hungry they take care of things themselves!!!

 He loves trucks......especially old ones like my mom's!  He is itching to drive it soon!  He has been driving a golf cart for about 4 years now and is a great driver!!

He loves to take selfies on my phone!!!!  
 He loves the show Heartland and swears he is going to be a bull dogger one day and be on the rodeo circuit!

He is so proud of his new friends at school!  He fits right in!  

I am so blessed that God chose me to mother this sweet boy!  He is, what I call, the ultimate little boy!  At any time you can find rocks, pencils, or just about any kind of weird object in his pocket!

I know God has huge plans for this boy of ours and I can't wait to see his life unfold..............

Jan 20, 2015

After being knocked down........

MANY times this week tomorrow I will be back working out with my trainer!  First the flu knocked out my two little ones and my hubby, then just taking the tamiflu did me in a couple of days, traveling to Austin and then to Houston, and then hearing the doctor tell me some hard truths about my weight I have felt like I have been knocked down many times this last week!

But the good thing is that tomorrow is a new day and a new start!

Tonight after getting out of the shower and putting on a clean pair of yoga pants I thought to myself....I am so sick of these pants!  That is ALL I wear and I don't even look good in them!  I really think if they were acceptable at church I would wear them there.  I dread putting on any regular pants or god forbid I put on jeans!  I don't want to do that.  I want to wear jeans and look and feel cute in them.  I want to wear dresses this spring and not have to worry about my thighs rubbing together.  And MAYBE one day actually wear a bathing suit.

I never did do my measurements so I am going to do that tomorrow and they weighed me at the docs office so I found out then that I did not make my 5 pound weight loss goal for this last month but that's OK.  Starting fresh tomorrow!!!

Jan 18, 2015

40 things I love about my hubby.............

In honor of my hubby turning the big 4-0 this weekend I thought I would list 40 things I love about him!

1.  He loves God.
2.  He's the smartest man I know.
3.  He's a hard worker.
4.  He is my biggest fan.  He encourages me and tells me I can do and be anything I want.
5.  He kisses me on my neck every morning before he leaves!
6.  He's a great provider.  Not just money wise but anything we need!
7.  He's kind.
8.  He is proud of his boys and is the ultimate "Daddy" to his little girl.
9.  He's patient.
10.  He's so quick to say I am sorry even if he wasn't in the wrong.
11.  He's a giver.
12.  Part of his heart is in Haiti.
13.  He gets more handsome each day!
14.  He loves music.
15.  He plays the guitar and I love to listen to him play.
16.  He loves his tractor.
17.  He is excited to grow our farm.
18.  He serves and protects the people for free but gives it his all.
19.  He gives people opportunities in the work forsce that they would have never had anywhere else.
20.  He doesn't have a lazy bone in his body.
21.  He can do anything.
22.  He likes to surprise me.
23.  He makes me laugh until I cry sometimes.
24.  He loves my long hair.
25.  He thinks I am the best decorator.
26.  He trusts me with our finances.
27.  He buys me the best gifts.
28.  He writes me the best cards.
29.  He will see a chick flick with me anytime.
30.  He loves to have coffee on our porch.
31.  He makes me the best sweet tea.
32.  He is my best friend.
33.  He's as macho as it gets but loves to be pampered.
34.  He calms me down.
35.  He takes my worries away.
36.  He is so confident and it shows.
37.  He loves animals.....especially his side kick Indie.
38.  He gives second chances.
39.  He's the best role model to our children.
40.  He LOVES his momma!!!

Jan 10, 2015

Hunter's Widow........

I often wonder how many hunter's widows there are around this time of year.  A LOT I bet!  It's a lonely place to be.  I know because I used to be one!  For MANY years!  

My hubby would leave on Thursday morning very early and not return home until Sunday evening.  That is more than just a weekend.  That is four entire days out of a seven day week!  He started sometimes in October feeding and planting and whatever else you do and went all the way through to January.  Sometimes planting could be year round.  This went on for years!  

Then one day it caught up.  Hunting (and other things) had slowly eaten away at our marriage.  I was resentful for him being gone all the time and he was resentful for me not wanting him to go.  As a young wife I thought he loved hunting more than me.  In a sense he did at that time.  I was lonely.  

It was right before hunting season that we hit rock bottom.  He actually went hunting for a two week period to clear his head and it was then that God told him no more.  That he was putting hunting before God, before his wife, before his kids, before everything.  He says he can't really explain his time in the woods at that time but he knew it had to change!  He knew he had to change.  I had some changing to do too.

It was shortly after that time that he decided to take a break from hunting and concentrate on getting our family back together.  He did just that.  He started putting me first, our marriage first and our kids first.  We, together, spent many years making sure we got our marriage back on track and putting Christ first.  The funny thing is he still hunted here and there and even had to opportunity to hunt in Africa and some other places but because his priorities were straight and the kids and I came first it wasn't an issue!  I know it was because he selflessly gave up something he loved so much for God and his family!  He was obedient to God's word and will for his life.  For our lives......and most importantly for our marriage!

That was 8 years ago!  Wow.....seems like yesterday but sometimes seems like forever ago!  I admire my hubby for the changes he made.  He made many more than I did.  He gave up a passion and real love of his for me.  That is something I will never forget!   

It's funny how God works though..................

Today.....practically in our backyard.....hubby shot the biggest buck he's ever shot!  And he has seen a lot of deer in his time!  He hunted on a lease for years that was known for it's trophy bucks.   

As I went with him to get it in the tractor and bring it up to the house I thought about how far God has brought us in our marriage.  I thought about if you are obedient to Him you don't have to give up your passions and things you love.  You just have to do it His way and in His timing!  

I am so excited for him to teach our boys and even Emily to hunt and to see if any of them love it like their dad does!  

Today was a cold, rainy day but a good one!  One I will never forget!  Thank you God for your blessing.

Jan 8, 2015


I wrote a while back about friendship and the laughter, happiness and even pain and hurt that goes along with having friends!  THAT POST IS HERE

Lately, I have missed my friends back home so much.  I have grieved the loss of some but also got to spend time with one that is my bestie lately!  And another one is coming soon to visit!

I have a NEW friend that reached out and helped me with a few things when we first moved here.  She is a teacher at my little one's school and even though we haven't really got to visit and get to know each other YET.......I know there is a relationship there.  The other night she wrote this to me and it hit me...........God used her to speak to me that night and give me hope and she didn't even know it!

"I truly believe that God puts us where we need to be and surrounds us with the people He knows we need. He introduces us to new friends amidst our struggles, and keeps close those we rely on the most. And I believe that those people and their roles in our lives can change over time...it's all in HIS hands!"

She didn't know that I had a bad day that day.  She didn't know that I was feeling hurt and confused but in what she said I KNEW that God, through my new, sweet friend, was telling me that this friend that I was missing that day has had her role changed.   She touched my life for a long time.  We had the best season and I know will still have a moment here or there but mostly our season is over.  She taught me many things that I can't even share here.   We have laughed together,  cried together, and prayed together.  We have so many great memories that I am going to remember forever!

So today....instead of being bitter and hurt.....I am going to choose to be thankful for that season and for those memories and secrets that we still share!

God has forgiven us for so much more than we could ever be mad or hurt at someone for!  I am going to choose to remember that and choose to remember that God is in control of everything even friendships!

Ringing in the New Year with old friends that I love very much!!!!  

Jan 6, 2015

Hello 2015..........

2014- WOW......what a year!

Taylor graduated from Highschool.  How did that happen?

Emily and Vensly started Kindergarten!

This was my first year in 18 years to be home alone while all kids were in school.

Marc left Texas Steam!  THAT WAS HUGE!

He went into business with my uncle and we moved to South Texas.

We sold our house we loved in Baytown and bought a 100 year old farm house in Sarita, Texas.

Our kids all started new schools and made new friends very quickly!

We left our church that we have loved for 6 years.

We said good bye to many friends that have help us through hard times, prayed for us and with us and grew to be like family.

We welcomed a baby girl into our family.  My brother now has his own daddy's girl!

Taylor moved back home after being in College Station for a semester and deciding it wasn't for him.

He started working full time for his dad.

Noah was inducted to National Junior Honor Society at his new school and we are very proud of him.

Hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage!

We have been so blessed this year and I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for our family!!!!!

Jan 3, 2015

Fitness Training.......Meet Michael.......

This is Michael (the one with no shirt!)....my trainer and the one that is going to help me get healthy, strong and fit!!!  He's a really nice guy but he's tough....he pushes you beyond what you think you can do and he genuinely wants the best for you both fitness and health wise!  
He uses a military approach in order to build a fitness community based on respect, honor, discipline, and camaraderie. As a military veteran and former ranger, he has more than 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. His gym is called Clydesman Fitness in Kingsville, TX!

I keep asking myself why I didn't start this a LONG time ago?  Like when I was in high school and young and skinny and all the things that go along with youth!  I hope I can instill in Emily and my boys for that matter how important it is to be healthy and working out and staying active is a huge part of that!
Part of why I have never succeded is that I have never found a gym or workout that I really like doing.  This is so different that it keeps me interested and if you see the others that are in there that are beasts it pushes you to try to obtain that goal!

I don't even really know how to explain this gym.  I thought it was like cross fit but was told no it's not but all I know is that there are no machines, which I like that, and a lot of intimidating things and people!  I love it!

Do I love the workout?  Yes and no.  Some of it is really hard for me.  I mean REALLY HARD.  Things that seem to come so easy to others are not easy for me to do.  Like a pushup.  OMG!  Why are those so dang hard?  And a pull up.  FORGET IT!  Not gonna happen......not right now at least!  I want to do all of those things really bad.  I want to get to my goal really bad.  I don't want to be weak anymore.  I want to be strong and healthy!  I want to feel confident and I want to be able to do things!  Run, jump, squat down without hurting.....things that should not be hard!

The nutrition is the hardest part for me.  I have read a million times that nutrition is 80% of your results.  This is my week to begin that part!

I have set small goals so I don't put so much pressure on myself like I have done all my adult life!

I am thankful that God led me to Clydesman Fitness and Michael.  2015 is going to be a big year for me!  Stay tuned!!!!!