Dec 16, 2014

Starting today......

I am officially signed up with a trainer to transform this body.....both physically and mentally!  About a year and a half ago I did P90X and was really disciplined doing it just not good at the eating part so my results weren't just amazing like you see for some people.  Fast forward to now and not only have I gained back what I lost then I have added some pounds.

No excuses.....just me not taking care of me and eating everything I shouldn't eat!  I love our new house and don't regret our move one bit but I do think I have had a huge pity party the last 6 months.  I mean we moved and my friends went on with their lives......without me!!!  Can you believe it????  The nerve!  (joke....only kidding.....)

So, in saying that, it's time for ME!  I love to work out and love the feeling you get when your done so it is going to start playing a huge role in my life!  My goal this month is to loose 5 lbs and if I loose more that is great as long as I at least loose the 5.  I have set some personal goals long term that one day I may share.  Out of fear of failure I will keep quiet for now!  :)

I kind of feel dumb because I seem to have a post like this every so many months and I always revert back to my old ways, even researching weight loss surgery which I just can't seem to get a peace about so I listened to what God was telling me and I am going to do it the hard way.  So today after actually meeting with a trainer and working out with him I am committed to getting the body I want and feeling better and being healthy!!!!  I will work out with him 3 times a week for the first month then I am going to workout with him FIVE days a week!

I am so excited!

I took my before pictures today and the clothed ones didn't make me want to puke as bad as the one where I pulled my shirt up some to show my stomach area.  MY WORST PROBLEM!

I may post it after I loose ten pounds!  Until then here are the clothed ones..........

Honestly I look smaller in the picture then I really am.  

I had on compression pants....really I am a little bigger than I look.

Each Tuesday I will post a new picture to keep me accountable!  My goal is to loose 60 lbs. in a year!  I think I can do it!!!

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