Nov 20, 2014

Seven Years Ago......

Seven years ago on a Thursday night like tonight I was packing my stuff about to head the next day to a marriage conference with my husband, who at the time, felt a million miles away from me and our boys.  (We only had Noah, Taylor and Jesse then.)

Just the Sunday before I was told he wanted a divorce.  I was devastated.  Scared.  Physically sick but determined that God would restore my marriage.  I wasn't sure how or when but I knew in His eyes I was Marc's wife and always would be.
My mother in law reminded me each day to pray for my marriage but to also start thanking God for what He is going to do through us.  Praise Him now she would say.  That was tough but I did it.  I prayed for my husband like never before!

We had already been on the waiting list to get into this conference called Weekend To Remember and Monday of that week they called me and said an opening had come up so I bought the tickets knowing that there was a 99% chance that he would not go with me.

To make a really long story short my mother in law told my hubby that she would never ask him for anything else if he just went with me to this retreat.  He didn't want to but he agreed.  She told him if he still felt like he wanted a divorce she wouldn't like it or condone it but she would accept it.

So Friday rolled around and we went.  We drove to Austin pretty much in silence.  I cried a LOT.  It was a weird 4 hours.
We attended the Friday night session and I can't even explain how God spoke to both of us.  The rest of the weekend was amazing!  By Sunday when we left we we were well on our way to reconciliation and over the last 7 years God has restored and used our marriage to glorify him!

We have had the opportunity to help a few other couples that were struggling with the things we did and we have been able to share what we learned.  

We have grown into a more mature marriage then we had at 19 and 21....the day we said I Do.  We have beaten all odds and statistics say we should have been divorced a long time ago.

I am proud of what we have today.  I know that God gave us Emily as a gift for the hard work and choices we made seven years ago.  She is our miracle baby!  I think about how God changed Marc and gave his a heart for missions and how that led us to Vensly and our COMPLETED family!!!

I write all of this to say that tonight I am packing for that same conference but this time as a happily married wife that is excited to learn new things and to spend time investing in more into my marriage so that we can continue to be stronger and continue to give Him all the glory!   I am so excited that my brother and his wife are coming with us.  They have only been married about 7 years so I am praying that they can take a lot away from this retreat so they only continue to grow together!

God is good.  All the time.  And he's in the business of saving marriages.  We are proof.

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Christy said...

Beautiful! Love y'all!