Nov 18, 2014

God's Will and mine............

I have to laugh at myself sometimes as I have my kid's lives all planned out in my head.  I mean it's a good life for them and everything will be perfect! one of mine gets older and is growing into a man I am learning that my will and God's will for him just may not be the same and that is a hard one to accept sometimes.  Of course we all know that His will is ALWAYS so much better but we aren't always good at waiting......and the growing part......well that is the hardest!

As a mom I am so guilty of not wanting my kids to suffer or be uncomfortable or have any kind of trials and tribulations but again I know that is what grows us!  That is when our faith in Him grows too!

I pray for all of my children but since Taylor graduated in May and is now off at college starting his "adult" life I seem to focus more on him and the details of his life.  Of course if it were up to me he would get his degree from TAMU and maybe be something like a Veterinary or an Engineer, would make life long college friends and would meet the most precious little Christian girl that is pure and innocent and loves God.  She would adore my son and together they would build a life and one day a family!  Of course they would move out here to the country with us and we would see them all the time and we would be one big happy family!  :)  We always called him our little preacher when he was little.  NOW THAT would make me happy!!!!

I know he is mine and all moms say this about their children but seriously Taylor is the smartest boy I know.  He gives his dad a run for him money!  He can explain just about anything to you and knows the Bible very well!  A computer is an easy fix for him and he is interested in things that most could care less about.  I think he's amazing, smart and hilarious!
He's shy at times and he doesn't always let everyone see the side of him that we do but I know that God is working on him and one day everyone will see what I do.

So we have established that I have his life all mapped out for him so what do you do when your child calls you one day and says that college isn't for him?  What do you do when he wants a different path than the one that I think he needs or the one that we thought he was on?  Well, if you are me your freak out at first!!!!!  If you are his dad you stay calm and ask gently "well son what is it you want to do?"  That led to many talks, praying about the situation and listening to Taylor's thoughts and wants and a decision was made.
Our boy will be coming home after this semester.   Let me say to those wondering.....this has nothing to do with grades or not being able to handle the classes.  He is a smart boy and academics have nothing to do with it!  It has everything to do with that this is not God's will for him right now.  College Station is not for him.  He's not exactly sure what is for him right now but with God's help and direction we are going to try to figure that out.

I have been given two scriptures while praying for him in the last week........

The first one is......Proverbs 3:6

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. 

This morning it was this one........John 14:27

 I give you peace, the kind of peace that only I can give. It isn’t like the peace that this world can give. So don’t be worried or afraid.

I love the second one because when you are 18 and supposed to just know what you want and in the college world you are forced to make a decision NOW you can worry and be afraid.  We are choosing to slow down, pray and wait for His will to be done.  Not ours.

Until then my family will be back under one roof and that makes this momma very happy!  

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