Nov 17, 2014

A Different Anniversary Celebration.............

Marc and I celebrated 20 years of marriage in August and for as long as I can remember we have always talked about taking "the trip of a lifetime" for our 20 year anniversary.  Well that month came and went and we never did go and honestly neither of us felt led to go anywhere!  We ended up just spending the night about an hour from our house and went to dinner.  We sattand talked for a while about what all we have accomplished in 20 years and how our lives and wants have changed so much over the years.  One thing has remained the same......we love each other and we love to give, serve and do for others.   I wish I would have came across this video back in August or we might just would have taken a different "trip of a lifetime".

The older we get and the longer we live in the country the more we are certain that God does not intend for us to spend our money on things like fancy trips, fancy houses and other pointless things that we don't need.  Do we have a nice house?  Yes we do but it's has lots of character but it is a work in progress!  And it's in the middle of no where!  We have truly simplified our lives.  Our goal is to one day almost totally live off of our land.  Food wise!  We also want to share our veggies, fruits and other food we raise here with the people of our small community!  That is our wish!

An average trip to Fiji (and I only name that because it is talked about in the video as a choice.....we have never been) costs about $10,000 for a week.  I know someone that spent $20K on a trip to Tahiti.  Do you know what that kind of money can do?  Did you know that you can adopt a child from Haiti for $10K?  How many mouths can that feed?  A LOT!  I can list about a hundred or more things that you can do with that kind of money but you get the point!

What better way to spend your anniversary then serving people that have nothing?  What better way to show people that marriage is still alive and can last for 20 years and even longer?  What a way to give people hope!  It made me think of the women they showed and he talked about in the video.
I would rather come home with the thought that I influenced a young lady to know that marriage can be a God given gift and love is real rather than a bunch of pictures and bragging rights for Facebook any day!

I think I will start planning that 21st anniversary trip of a lifetime now but it sure will look different than we dreamed about 20 years ago!

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