Oct 26, 2014

I Now Pronounce you an ADD couple........

That was the name of an article I read today and it really got my mind to thinking!  That was me and my hubby 20 years ago at the young age of 19 and 21 and I didn't even know it then!  Really he didn't either.  Of course we were young, dumb, and in love!

MY marriage was going to be a fairytale and MY husband was going to do everything right and make all my dreams come true!  He was only going to concentrate of me and making me happy!  ME ME ME!!!!

So we come home from the honeymoon and probably that day ADD reared it's ugly head!   How in the world could he forget my birthday the first year of being married and leave me waiting at the restaurant for him for an hour only to never show because he got caught up fishing and forgot?  How could he not remember where his keys are every single day?  How can he look right at me and not hear me?  How could he have sent me a picture of his speedometer going 100 on a motorcycle? How could he be talking to our company one minute and sweeping the roof the next?
How was it that we were newlyweds but sometimes I felt alone in our house?
But how is it that he can remember every license plate number his parents ever had?  Weird.  He graduated number one in his police academy class!  He grew a small company to a multi million dollar company in a matter of years!  He forgot to get me a mother's day card???  What?  How are you going to remodel the bedroom when you haven't finished the garage?  The list goes on and on......the good and the frustrating!

Little did I know that God was teaching me how to live with my new husband that clearly has ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER!    I didn't know that at the time and to be honest it took me about 13 years to learn and not take everything so personal!
It took me a long time to learn how to live with him, how to get his attention without getting angry and many other things.  Anyone that knows our story knows that we were right on the brink of divorce at one time.  Looking back his ADD had a big role in those issues.  On his part and mine!  I am so thankful that God intervened and we won that fight!

They say most ADD sufferers are brilliant, creative, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, writers, etc........

That is so true!  My husband is for sure brilliant, he has an entrepreneur spirit and had his own business by the time we were married 5 years, he can play drums and guitar by ear, can sing like a country music star, and is a risk taker that usually always pays off!  We took a risk by moving here and it was the best decision we have ever made for us and our future!

It's funny how over time my anger and resentment turned to compassion and understanding!  (Sometimes I fail at that....)  It took lots of prayer....still does!  Lots of patience....still isn't always easy and I still get upset at times but I try to understand he can't help it!

I wouldn't change him for anything!  ADD is only a small part of who he is.  He believes in everything I want to do.  He is my biggest fan when I want to do something!  He loves God with all he is and is a great leader in our home!  He has great intentions all the time.

Marc has chosen to not take medication and deal with it on his own.  That hasn't always been easy but we have learned.  He has learned things he needs to do and not do.

ADD is hereditary and so here I am with a complete clone of my hubby......my son!  I pray that God is preparing his wife in that department too!  I feel for her but I know that God knows who she is and she to will learn!  She will have a good teacher....Me!

This was the article that got me to thinking about all of this.

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