Sep 4, 2014

You've got to move it move it........

Tuesday of this week I worked out for the first time since about December!  Talk about sore!!!!  I couldn't do anything yesterday because I could barely move but today I worked out again.  SO....that is twice this week and I will work out in the morning to.  Right now I am doing Fitness on Demand on our smart tv and basically doing 20 minute workouts that combine strength training with cardio.  Doesn't sound like very long but I am exhausted at the end but feel so good after I am done, showered and ready for the day!

I have been watching what I eat very closely this week and will start my meal plan next week.  I hope!  I can honestly say I am not good at prepping and following a plan.  I wish I was but I am not.  I have just cut out all snacks this week.  Just eating breakfast, lunch and a small supper!   Probably not what a nutritionist would say to do but I am starting by making small changes right now.

I saw a picture of myself tonight on my hubby's phone and I almost threw up!  It will for sure be my before picture.  I feel like this is it.......for my health and for myself I need to do this!
I am joining the gym here tomorrow and starting zumba on Monday morning.  I figure no one knows me here so my bad dancing can't get around the rumor mill.  LOL!

I am not going to put a picture up just yet of myself because frankly I am embarrassed by it but I will keep this site updated and will add before and afters when I reach my first goal of 10 lbs and some inches lost!

Ugh....why does it have to be so hard?  So easy to put it on but so incredibly difficult to take it off.

So here's to a new, healthier, and much skinnier me!!!!!!

Here is a little Throw Back Thursday to a time I thought I was fat!!!  WHAT??????
My inspiration picture.....I still have those jeans so maybe I should hang them in site to soon get back in them!

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