Sep 18, 2014

Some of my favorite moments.......

There are some things I wanted to write down so I can look back one day and remember how I felt at this time.........

1.  When my baby is girl is all bathed, hair washed and lathered up in Baby Magic and she sleeps between me and her daddy!  I love to cuddle up to her,  kiss on her cheeks and pray over her!  I secretly wish she would stay this age forever!

2.  When Vensly asks me a question and immediately follows it with "huh?  tell me???"  I don't know why that makes me laugh.  I also don't want to forget his Haitian accent that he still has.  Some things that he says in that accent make me laugh so hard!  He's has such a dry sense of humor!  He is obsessed with Lloyd from Legos and the way he said "Lloyd" can't help but make you smile.  I don't want to forget how he tells me he loves me about 20 times a day!

3.  Taylor-  because he is off at college I suddenly realized how much I miss the sound of his voice and how he always starts off our conversation with "hey momma".   Sometimes I lay in bed at night and can here him say that to me!  I hope he always calls me momma!  I love to hear how he misses his little guest house here in Sarita and how Sarita Farms is his HOME!  It goes to show you that home is where your family is not just a structure!

4.  Jesse-  I love how he's ALL BOY!  He loves trucks, trailers, transformers, ninjas, four wheelers, the bad boy mower, dirt and all things boy!  I love how outgoing he is at his new school!  Sometimes a little to much so.  I love how he loves me!  He is a momma's boy and he thinks I am the most beautiful girl and tells me all the time.  He will also say my butt is a little big as he pops me on my booty!!!!  LOL

5.  Noah- He is HILARIOUS!  He can make his dad and I laugh so hard.  His latest is his Obama impersonation.  I am telling you.....he's good!!!!!!  I love how sensitive he is and how kind his heart is.  He's my helper!  I love how he loves the Lord at such a young age and isn't afraid to show it or say it.  I pray that never changes!!!

6.  When I drive into my new driveway and see the trees and the dirt road and my sweet dogs!  I thank God for sending us here.  If someone can't sit on my front porch and hear the birds, watch the deer, and see all the beautiful trees and not believe in God, then I am not sure what could convince them!  I never want to forget the excitement of being home!

7.  Mine and hubby's talks on the front porch early in the morning or late at night!  Nothing better!

8.  When we dream of what Sarita Farms will be one day!  It could be amazing!

9.  Family dinners around our little bitty table when we have a big table that we would all fit but we cram around it and have the best talks!

10.  Knowing Taylor is home safe and sound even if it's for a couple of days!

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Tedra Jones said...

Love all of these! Love you! :)