Aug 18, 2014

Twenty Years!

20 years ago this week I was just coming home from my honeymoon with my new husband!  Wow.....sometimes it doesn't seem that long ago and sometimes it seems like a really long time! We have been married longer than we lived at home with our parents!  One thing I know for sure is there is not one thing I would change about our journey to get here today!

God has blessed us more than we deserve for sure!

Our first miracle was Taylor......took us about a year to get pregnant with him and he came at the perfect time!  His birthday has meaning to our family that we know is a sign from God!

Our second precious gift was Noah.....he was matched with us on our anniversary 12 years ago!

The our "grand finale" as we called him.....Jesse!  It was such a miracle the way they found us and how his birthmother (and Noah's) wanted them to be raised together.  His birthday was a sign from God too!

Well we only thought Jesse was our grand finale......

After being married for 15 years and being told that we had a 2% chance of ever having a baby on our own....SURPRISE.......Emily Grace was born!!!  Her birthday was not a coincidence either and turned a normally sad week for Marc's parents into a time of celebrating new life and something great!
Her daddy knew we were having a girl from very early on.  He said from day one that she would have brown hair and blue eyes and that we should name her Emily Grace!  Emily is after my momma!  I could not have picked a better name myself!

And finally a chance meeting between Marc and a tiny little baby boy in Haiti....God led us to our sweet Vensly!  The perfect "grand finale" to our family and guess what?  His birthday has meaning too!

It's no secret that Marc and I have had our hard times and that we almost didn't make it to this anniversary but after lots of hard work, changing on both of our ends, and putting God first we made it.  Stronger and more in love than ever before!
Do we still have our struggles?  Yes, but we have to tools to work it out!

If you would have asked me on my wedding day where we would be in 20 years I sure would not have said a farm way out in the middle of no where with kids of all different races but boy am I glad that we make plans and God laughs because this is perfect!  We are blessed.

Thank you Lord for sending me my hubby at the ripe ol' age of 19 and for equipping me to work at this thing called marriage and most of all thank you for my family!  It's sure not how I pictured it but boy am I in love with each of them!!!!!

Here's to another 20..........

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Tedra Jones said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :) What an amazing blessing to be the momma of all those beautiful sweet children! <3 Happy Happy Anniversary! Happy Happy Family! <3