Aug 24, 2014

Setting him Free.......

See this medium sized little guy with the beautiful blonde hair?  Well he left for college this weekend and that little guy next to him helped move him in and then cried on the way home that his brother was not coming home with us this time!  I am thankful today for the relationship these two have.  It is the product of many prayers and tears at times.  I am so thankful that these two boys are now not only brothers but friends and even confidants!  (they tell me they have a pact that mom doesn't need to know everything!!! )

Move in day!!!!  

It seems like just yesterday I was racking up leaves so this precious guy could jump in them and "kick eaves" as he would always say!  I remember that raspy voice like it was yesterday and I can still remember how wild and hyper he was but also what a sweet boy he was at that age!  My heart aches to know that he is grown but I am also so excited for him to be "set free".  I long to see the day that God's will for him is unveiled!  I pray for him every day.....sometimes three and four times a day!  I pray that he find his niche in life and I know that he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do!  

Oh if he only knew the great things I want for his life.  Oh if I only knew the plans that God has for him.  And oh, how wonderful it will be so see it all unravel before our eyes!  

Well Son.......I have cried, and I will continue to for a while when I see your empty bed or don't have to wash your clothes but I know that this is the beginning of a new life for us both.  One where you are going to spread your wings and fly!!!!!   You are the smartest young man I know and you amaze me with all you know so go our there and amaze the world and do great things!

I love you my sweet angel boy!  Don't ever forget that!  

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