Aug 26, 2014

Prayers for my Junior High kid........

Dear Lord, 

I come to you today to ask for your hand of protection over my Noah!  I ask that you keep him safe each day at school and that you keep him healthy!

I thank you for him Lord......I praise you and rejoice in you that you chose me to be his mom!  I thank you for the miracle of adoption.  

I ask you Lord to give him knowledge and wisdom this school year.  I pray that he find favor with his teachers and them with him.  I ask you to send him good friends......Godly friends.  I ask you Lord to give him confidence.  

I pray that he is the best football manager there is.  I pray that he work hard for the team and that he learn the importance of team work and never quitting.  

I ask you to ease his sadness of his big brother being off at college.  I pray that their relationship only grow and that distance makes their hearts for each other grow stronger!

I pray he always stops and prays before any big decision.  I pray that he has conviction if he makes a wrong decision.  I pray that his walk with you only grows!

I ask you to give him strength to be a junior high kid and the pressures that come along with that!  I ask you to guard his mind against what is not good.  I ask you to shield him from things he doesn't need to know and prepare him for the things he does need to learn or know!

Keep him innocent and from what is not of you but of this world.  

I thank you Lord for what you have done through him already.  I thank you for the good days he's had at school and for the wonderful teachers that he was given and I ask you to continue to bless this school year!  

In your holy name, Amen!

My Noah and as he says "THE sweetest, cutest baby in the world!"

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