Aug 25, 2014

Prayer for my College Student

Dear Lord,

I come to you today and ask you to watch over my son.  Keep him safe and keep him healthy!   I ask you to give him peace over this school year in this new town and in a grown up setting that is college.  

I ask you Lord to ease any anxiety that he may have!  Give him confidence and strength!

Lord I ask you to show up in a mighty way in College Station for him.  I ask you to send Godly friends and at least one new person that will impact his life in a huge way that is only from You!  

I ask you Lord to help him stand strong in his decisions and that you give him the strength to stand strong to say NO if it's something he knows he shouldn't do.  Remove him from situations that aren't right for him.  

Give him conviction.  

I pray Lord that if he fails at something (not grades!) that he get right back up and try again!  Give him confidence to know that he can do anything he sets him mind to!  

Give him Godly professors!  

Lord, let him have fun!  Help him to make the best memories of his life all while making smart, wise decisions!  

Lord whisper to him each morning and every night that you are there for him!  I pray that he seeks you in every decision he makes.  

I pray that others look past his shyness and quietness to see the great guy that he is.  I pray that new friends see him the way you do Lord!  You made him and you don't make mistakes.  Let others see that in him!  

Lastly Lord, I pray for the cleaning lady that cleans his room......Help her Lord!  She is gonna need it!!!!  

Thank you Lord for giving me 18 years day in and day out with my boy!  I give him back to you Lord.....his life, his career, his future spouse is all in Your hands!  

In your precious Holy name!  Amen!

I caught him saying his prayers on day and snapped the picture!  Still a favorite of mine to this day!

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