Aug 8, 2014

Emily Grace is FIVE!!!

I never knew that having a girl could be this fun and it only gets better!  She is my side shopping buddy,  my double date with Daddy, pedicure partner, my movie watcher and my baby girl!
This girl is one of a kind.....she can be so girly one minute and likes her dresses and nails painted and the next she is strapping on those boots, getting her dogs and heading out to find bugs or frogs!  She is not scared of anything.

She is obsessed with ELSA...the ice queen as she calls her!!!
She loves every song on Frozen.
She loves dolls.
She loves barbies.
She loves her dogs.
She loves bugs.
She loves horses.
She loves her brothers.
She loves bossing them around......even Taylor who is 18.
She is CRAZY about her Daddy.
She loves sleeping in between us!
She loves me!
We love her so much!

This family would have never been complete without this surprise that came wrapped in pink and threw sparkle and sassiness into our lives!

God blessed us big with our baby girl!

She is on her second celebration tonight.  Last night it was just her, daddy and I that went shopping and out to eat.  Tonight she wants Chinese since its her brother's favorites!

After picking out two toys at Target for her birthday she also got her fifth birthday charm for her charm bracelet!
This year she got the schoolhouse since she is starting Kindergarten!!!
She loves going and picking up her charm that we get her.  Sometimes she even talks Daddy into another one!  I love that tradition and can't wait to fill it up over the years!

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Christy said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you!!