Aug 27, 2014

Prayers for my Elementary kids.......

Dear Lord,

Thank you Lord for a great first week at their new school.  Wow, you have covered it all for my kids and their schools.  Both big and little ones!

I come to you Lord to ask you to protect them each day, keep them safe and keep them healthy!

I pray that they continue to love their teachers and the teachers love them.

I pray that Vensly not be nervous, that he not fear the environment, but that he thrive and learn all he is capable of!  I pray that you will help him find his voice so that he can communicate what he needs too!

I pray that Emily will learn so many new things and improve on the things she has already learned!

I pray for Jesse.  I pray that he not get frustrated and that he is eager to learn.  I ask you to give him confidence and understanding.  I pray he grasps all that he is taught.

I pray that you guard and protect all of their hearts and mind Lord.

I pray that they all learn to turn to you in time of need.  I pray that they know that You are all knowing and you give generously!

I ask you Lord that my children grow in favor with you.  I ask that they find favor with their teachers and their teachers with them.

I ask for your hand of protection over them and the whole school.  I pray for all the teachers there Lord.

Lastly I ask the same thing as another mother who's blog I read......

Father, I ask You for godly, loyal friends for my children. Friends who love purity, who are pure in heart, and gracious in speech, friends that will sharpen them and love them at all times. 

I ask you all of these things I your holy name!  Amen!!!!

Aug 26, 2014

Prayers for my Junior High kid........

Dear Lord, 

I come to you today to ask for your hand of protection over my Noah!  I ask that you keep him safe each day at school and that you keep him healthy!

I thank you for him Lord......I praise you and rejoice in you that you chose me to be his mom!  I thank you for the miracle of adoption.  

I ask you Lord to give him knowledge and wisdom this school year.  I pray that he find favor with his teachers and them with him.  I ask you to send him good friends......Godly friends.  I ask you Lord to give him confidence.  

I pray that he is the best football manager there is.  I pray that he work hard for the team and that he learn the importance of team work and never quitting.  

I ask you to ease his sadness of his big brother being off at college.  I pray that their relationship only grow and that distance makes their hearts for each other grow stronger!

I pray he always stops and prays before any big decision.  I pray that he has conviction if he makes a wrong decision.  I pray that his walk with you only grows!

I ask you to give him strength to be a junior high kid and the pressures that come along with that!  I ask you to guard his mind against what is not good.  I ask you to shield him from things he doesn't need to know and prepare him for the things he does need to learn or know!

Keep him innocent and from what is not of you but of this world.  

I thank you Lord for what you have done through him already.  I thank you for the good days he's had at school and for the wonderful teachers that he was given and I ask you to continue to bless this school year!  

In your holy name, Amen!

My Noah and as he says "THE sweetest, cutest baby in the world!"

Aug 25, 2014

Prayer for my College Student

Dear Lord,

I come to you today and ask you to watch over my son.  Keep him safe and keep him healthy!   I ask you to give him peace over this school year in this new town and in a grown up setting that is college.  

I ask you Lord to ease any anxiety that he may have!  Give him confidence and strength!

Lord I ask you to show up in a mighty way in College Station for him.  I ask you to send Godly friends and at least one new person that will impact his life in a huge way that is only from You!  

I ask you Lord to help him stand strong in his decisions and that you give him the strength to stand strong to say NO if it's something he knows he shouldn't do.  Remove him from situations that aren't right for him.  

Give him conviction.  

I pray Lord that if he fails at something (not grades!) that he get right back up and try again!  Give him confidence to know that he can do anything he sets him mind to!  

Give him Godly professors!  

Lord, let him have fun!  Help him to make the best memories of his life all while making smart, wise decisions!  

Lord whisper to him each morning and every night that you are there for him!  I pray that he seeks you in every decision he makes.  

I pray that others look past his shyness and quietness to see the great guy that he is.  I pray that new friends see him the way you do Lord!  You made him and you don't make mistakes.  Let others see that in him!  

Lastly Lord, I pray for the cleaning lady that cleans his room......Help her Lord!  She is gonna need it!!!!  

Thank you Lord for giving me 18 years day in and day out with my boy!  I give him back to you Lord.....his life, his career, his future spouse is all in Your hands!  

In your precious Holy name!  Amen!

I caught him saying his prayers on day and snapped the picture!  Still a favorite of mine to this day!

Aug 24, 2014

Setting him Free.......

See this medium sized little guy with the beautiful blonde hair?  Well he left for college this weekend and that little guy next to him helped move him in and then cried on the way home that his brother was not coming home with us this time!  I am thankful today for the relationship these two have.  It is the product of many prayers and tears at times.  I am so thankful that these two boys are now not only brothers but friends and even confidants!  (they tell me they have a pact that mom doesn't need to know everything!!! )

Move in day!!!!  

It seems like just yesterday I was racking up leaves so this precious guy could jump in them and "kick eaves" as he would always say!  I remember that raspy voice like it was yesterday and I can still remember how wild and hyper he was but also what a sweet boy he was at that age!  My heart aches to know that he is grown but I am also so excited for him to be "set free".  I long to see the day that God's will for him is unveiled!  I pray for him every day.....sometimes three and four times a day!  I pray that he find his niche in life and I know that he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do!  

Oh if he only knew the great things I want for his life.  Oh if I only knew the plans that God has for him.  And oh, how wonderful it will be so see it all unravel before our eyes!  

Well Son.......I have cried, and I will continue to for a while when I see your empty bed or don't have to wash your clothes but I know that this is the beginning of a new life for us both.  One where you are going to spread your wings and fly!!!!!   You are the smartest young man I know and you amaze me with all you know so go our there and amaze the world and do great things!

I love you my sweet angel boy!  Don't ever forget that!  

Aug 18, 2014

Twenty Years!

20 years ago this week I was just coming home from my honeymoon with my new husband!  Wow.....sometimes it doesn't seem that long ago and sometimes it seems like a really long time! We have been married longer than we lived at home with our parents!  One thing I know for sure is there is not one thing I would change about our journey to get here today!

God has blessed us more than we deserve for sure!

Our first miracle was Taylor......took us about a year to get pregnant with him and he came at the perfect time!  His birthday has meaning to our family that we know is a sign from God!

Our second precious gift was Noah.....he was matched with us on our anniversary 12 years ago!

The our "grand finale" as we called him.....Jesse!  It was such a miracle the way they found us and how his birthmother (and Noah's) wanted them to be raised together.  His birthday was a sign from God too!

Well we only thought Jesse was our grand finale......

After being married for 15 years and being told that we had a 2% chance of ever having a baby on our own....SURPRISE.......Emily Grace was born!!!  Her birthday was not a coincidence either and turned a normally sad week for Marc's parents into a time of celebrating new life and something great!
Her daddy knew we were having a girl from very early on.  He said from day one that she would have brown hair and blue eyes and that we should name her Emily Grace!  Emily is after my momma!  I could not have picked a better name myself!

And finally a chance meeting between Marc and a tiny little baby boy in Haiti....God led us to our sweet Vensly!  The perfect "grand finale" to our family and guess what?  His birthday has meaning too!

It's no secret that Marc and I have had our hard times and that we almost didn't make it to this anniversary but after lots of hard work, changing on both of our ends, and putting God first we made it.  Stronger and more in love than ever before!
Do we still have our struggles?  Yes, but we have to tools to work it out!

If you would have asked me on my wedding day where we would be in 20 years I sure would not have said a farm way out in the middle of no where with kids of all different races but boy am I glad that we make plans and God laughs because this is perfect!  We are blessed.

Thank you Lord for sending me my hubby at the ripe ol' age of 19 and for equipping me to work at this thing called marriage and most of all thank you for my family!  It's sure not how I pictured it but boy am I in love with each of them!!!!!

Here's to another 20..........

Aug 17, 2014

Weekly Menu......

Since moving out to the country I pretty much have to cook most nights because the Taqueria every other night is not a good thing!
I can't say we always have a big elaborate meal.....tonight the kids has Mac and Cheese, PBJ or cereal!  We had a big lunch after church so we weren't hungry until about 8. is my menu for this week!

Monday- Sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries, and Taylor wants fried okra!

Tuesday-  Cheese Enchiladas, black beans and salad.

Wednesday- Husband's Delight Casserole, Green Beans and Rolls.  (my hubby and kids LOVE this casserole!)

Thursday- Crockpot Chicken Terriyaki, fried rice and egg rolls.

Friday- Eating out as we will be headed to my mom's then on to College Station the next day to move Taylor in to his dorm!!!!

I can't wait for my garden to start growing and one day be able to prepare meals straight from there!!!!

Aug 8, 2014

Emily Grace is FIVE!!!

I never knew that having a girl could be this fun and it only gets better!  She is my side shopping buddy,  my double date with Daddy, pedicure partner, my movie watcher and my baby girl!
This girl is one of a kind.....she can be so girly one minute and likes her dresses and nails painted and the next she is strapping on those boots, getting her dogs and heading out to find bugs or frogs!  She is not scared of anything.

She is obsessed with ELSA...the ice queen as she calls her!!!
She loves every song on Frozen.
She loves dolls.
She loves barbies.
She loves her dogs.
She loves bugs.
She loves horses.
She loves her brothers.
She loves bossing them around......even Taylor who is 18.
She is CRAZY about her Daddy.
She loves sleeping in between us!
She loves me!
We love her so much!

This family would have never been complete without this surprise that came wrapped in pink and threw sparkle and sassiness into our lives!

God blessed us big with our baby girl!

She is on her second celebration tonight.  Last night it was just her, daddy and I that went shopping and out to eat.  Tonight she wants Chinese since its her brother's favorites!

After picking out two toys at Target for her birthday she also got her fifth birthday charm for her charm bracelet!
This year she got the schoolhouse since she is starting Kindergarten!!!
She loves going and picking up her charm that we get her.  Sometimes she even talks Daddy into another one!  I love that tradition and can't wait to fill it up over the years!

Aug 6, 2014

Sarita Farms.......

I am working on a new blog that will be all about my house and the progress we make as we turn this old house into a show place!  It may take years but the end will be beautiful!!!!

Until then go "like" my Facebook page for the new blog.  I will add pictures as I go and on the blog I will go into detail about how we did things, where we got things, etc.......

I am the queen of craigslist, goodwill and garage sales!  I try to NEVER buy anything new at a store as far as furniture.  I love Annie Sloan paint and have even discovered a new paint that a small shop here in Kingsville sales that is similar but you use regular paint to make it the color you want.

So if you are interested in keeping up with our progress and eventually read the story of how Sarita Farms came to be go like my page by clicking here----------->SARITA FARMS!

The blog will be up and running soon so stay tuned to the Facebook page for it to officially be published!

Aug 4, 2014

Huge Eye Opener........My honest TRUTH!

Here I sit another Monday starting yet again another journey to get healthy and to loose weight!  Ugh!  Why is it SO HARD?  (This is only my fortythousandthhundreth time!!!!!!!!)

I haven't weighed in so long....actually since the day I finished P90X, which was back in after joining Fitness Haus to help me get healthy and loose weight I weighed this morning and I have gained twenty pounds!  TWENTY POUNDS!!!!!!!  I literally felt like I was going to pass out.....I got flushed, my heart was racing and I literally felt sick to my stomach.  How does that happen and how does it happen so fast?
I could kick myself for doing 90 days of P90X and working my hiney off only to finish and let myself go again!  I am so mad at myself!

I knew deep down I was gaining but I chose to ignore it.  I know when I have a hard time crossing my legs.  Yes, something that simple as sitting in a chair and being uncomfortable crossing my legs. My thighs don't just rub together when I walk they are just together!  LOL  Lately when I lay down flat on my back at night I feel like I am choking.  That is extra weight around my neck!!  I hurt every morning when I get up out of the bed.  My feet ache, my legs and my back.  That is from my weight.
I probably really don't want to know what blood work would say about me right now!  My cholesterol is probably through the roof!  I put off my well women check ups because I know what my doctor will say and I have not wanted to hear it.  Truth hurts!  (I know that is not smart so don't worry I do go I just don't like to!)

My husband- I think he is the most handsome man on this earth!  PERIOD!!! I also know that other women probably do too. Yes I he loves me for me and I know that but I am also not naive to think that men aren't visual.  That is a proven fact!  He deserves to have a wife that takes care of herself and wants to look good for him.  He's so lucky because he never has to worry about weight.  He's naturally thin!  I pray my kids are like him!
I want to feel confident and not let my weight come between us and our relationship.  I wish I was one of those women that is confident no matter what but I am not.  Never have been and probably never will be!

My kids!!!  I am responsible for these 5 kids that God so graciously gave me and I have failed them in the food department.  I have slowly tried to change that with them but I still neglect myself.  I buy anything and everything organic but I am still guilty of buying junk.  Sweets are my weakness! Chips are my kids weakness and I still buy them!  Not anymore.  I make my kids eat fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts and all things good (along with their chips and my cookies) but I don't follow my own rules!

Anyway, I am not sure why I am putting this out there but those are my thoughts and I am hoping and praying today was THE MONDAY that I change these things!  I want to wear a bathing suit and swim with my kids.  We live by the beach now!!!!  We should be spending lots of time there!  They love it!  I want to walk in a store and wear whatever jeans I want too!!!!!  I want to wear a dress and not feel my thighs rub together!  I want to feel beautiful!  I want to be the healthiest mother and wife I can be!