Jun 24, 2014

Where have I been?

Home!!!!  I have been busy getting my house in order and all the millions of boxes unloaded and put in their right place!  Sarita Farms is coming together!  Slowly but surely........
We are enjoying cool evenings on our front porch.  The breeze is unreal!

We rescued two of the sweetest dogs ever!  They mind, they are sweet and they have a MEAN bark.  They sound and look mean but are big ol' softies.  I don't know why anyone would have given them up!

We have started attending a new church!  It is amazing.  The building and facilities are amazing.  The music is amazing. The preacher is amazing.  We are so excited to get involved and get to know people!

Boys and Girl's restrooms!

We are loving the country life.  I won't lie and say that I don't itch at all times still......fear snakes.....don't go outside at night yet by myself.  I am always scanning my surroundings!  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the resident skunk that we smell a lot in the middle of the night!
I love the trees, the beautiful flowers we have and the breeze!  The people of Sarita and Kingsville are very nice people.  I have not encountered one rude person yet and have not gone to the store without have a conversation with at least one person!  Very friendly!

Marc loves to go exploring as he calls it!  Sometimes it's just he and Jesse and sometimes its all of us!

I am also enjoying having ALL my kids under this roof!  Taylor is home and about to start work with his dad!  He finally, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, got his German Shepherd and he is on could nine!

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