Jun 30, 2014

Country Living is......(what I didn't know!)

1.  Fleas, ticks, snakes and any other bug known to mankind!

2.  Having an owl live in your shop!  

3.  Hubby thinking he was being eaten when a screeching owl screamed while he was at the well pump one night!

4.  Having a horse come right up your driveway!

5.  Having a skunk walk right passed you and through your yard like it's no big deal!

6.  Having a home phone!  I mean like one you plug into a phone jack and not a cordless!  (I guess I need an answering machine next!)

7.  Having FOUR dogs.....yes, Marc told the kids they could each get a dog when we moved!  Luckily, Noah really isn't a dog lover so FOUR it is!

8.  Dirty kids every evening from playing long and hard outside all day!

9.  Evening talks on the porch or early morning coffee on the porch!

10.  Finding a foot of a bird in your washer after washing towels your puppy got sick on!

11.  Having the lady at the post office know you by name an be the sweetest lady ever!

12.  Watching little lizards run all through the yard.  They are fast and big!!!!

13.  No window treatments needed!

14.  Having a bat fly on your porch late at night while sitting outside!  Talk about a heart attack!

15.  My driveway seems a mile long!

16.  Beautiful wild flowers and bougainvilleas!

17.  The wind is always blowing.

18.  STARS at night are big and bright!!!!!!!

19.  Just seeing God's beautiful creation each morning I wake up!

20.  Having all my chicks under one roof in a house and town that I know God called us too!

I wouldn't trade this country living for anything in the world!!!!!

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