Jun 30, 2014

Country Living is......(what I didn't know!)

1.  Fleas, ticks, snakes and any other bug known to mankind!

2.  Having an owl live in your shop!  

3.  Hubby thinking he was being eaten when a screeching owl screamed while he was at the well pump one night!

4.  Having a horse come right up your driveway!

5.  Having a skunk walk right passed you and through your yard like it's no big deal!

6.  Having a home phone!  I mean like one you plug into a phone jack and not a cordless!  (I guess I need an answering machine next!)

7.  Having FOUR dogs.....yes, Marc told the kids they could each get a dog when we moved!  Luckily, Noah really isn't a dog lover so FOUR it is!

8.  Dirty kids every evening from playing long and hard outside all day!

9.  Evening talks on the porch or early morning coffee on the porch!

10.  Finding a foot of a bird in your washer after washing towels your puppy got sick on!

11.  Having the lady at the post office know you by name an be the sweetest lady ever!

12.  Watching little lizards run all through the yard.  They are fast and big!!!!

13.  No window treatments needed!

14.  Having a bat fly on your porch late at night while sitting outside!  Talk about a heart attack!

15.  My driveway seems a mile long!

16.  Beautiful wild flowers and bougainvilleas!

17.  The wind is always blowing.

18.  STARS at night are big and bright!!!!!!!

19.  Just seeing God's beautiful creation each morning I wake up!

20.  Having all my chicks under one roof in a house and town that I know God called us too!

I wouldn't trade this country living for anything in the world!!!!!

Jun 26, 2014


Since our move I have thought a lot about friendships and what they mean to me!  I have thought about what kind of friend I am......the good and the bad.  Sadly, I am both.   After our party this weekend I realized that.
I have sat alone in this house and analyzed a lot of my friendships and came to this realization of a few.......

I (we) have friends (two couples) that no matter how much time goes by we will always be friends, we will pick up right where we left off and they feel more like family then they do friends.  That will never change.  They are not friends of a season they were sent to us through God!  They are blessings for sure!

I have friends that I don't talk to on a daily basis but are always there when I need them and just help out when needed without even asking.  They love me for me and know what I need when I need it. I fail at that part.....I sometimes feel like I have my plate full with my kids that I don't think of the needs (the bringing meals, picking up their kids, etc.....) of my friends.  I have a very dear friend that was the first one to teach me to accept help when needed and showed me that there are friends out there that love you for you and want to help make your life easier when you need it!  I was so thankful to spend time with her this weekend and I will miss her so much!

I felt very convicted over another friend this weekend.  She is one that ALWAYS calls first, always asks my little girl over, and is the first to reach out to me!  I am bad at returning calls, setting up play dates and just picking up the phone for no reason to see how she is!  I wish I would have done that more when I lived in Baytown.  I have decided to write her and tell her that I am sorry for being a bad friend and am praying that she doesn't see me that way but if she has or did that she will forgive me!  I was so blessed to be able to spend quality time with her this weekend after our party and it was then that I realized what a good friend she is.  I will miss her and wish I would not have take her for granted!

"As we change, so do our friendships. Friendships are not just given, they must be earned and they must be invested in. They are delicate and at times they can either bloom or wither. They don’t bloom without being watered by compassion, understanding, care and laughs."

~Taken from a blog entry I read recently!

I have been hurt by friends to.  I have recently felt like I have gone through a change with one friend that has been so hurtful.  I get mad one minute and cry the next!  I don't understand it.  I may never totally understand and I pray that God can give me peace about it all.  It's beyond my control and I need to accept that!  The day we announced we were moving I felt like I was written off so to speak.  I tried my best to not let it wither but reality is it did and seems to continue too!  It's one of those moments where you wonder if it was a friendship of a season and that can be hurtful to both sides.  If it's the end of our season I will mourn it for a long time.  I will pray that God continues to bless her and I pray that one day she will have that friend that is for a lifetime!  

New friendships.....I made friends with someone recently through her son being friends with Taylor and fell in love!  She is kind, she is sensitive, she loves the Lord and I am blessed to have her!

Old friends.....my childhood best friend......I never feel far apart from her!  She knows me better than probably anyone in this world and I am blessed by her!  I have another friend that her son and Taylor have been best friends since about 2nd grade and we have grown our friendship too!  She and I both have five kids and we just GET each other!  I know we are friends forever! 

Church friends.....I was so blessed at Second to make so many friends!  I miss them each Sunday that I walk into a church knowing no one!  I know that will change soon but it still makes me sad!  

I will end with this.....

I remember a friend looking at me with tears in her eyes early on in our friendship and telling me "I pray that we are more than seasonal friends!" I totally agreed with her and said I am praying we are too!  From that day forward we both watered our friendship, gave each other compassion and boy do we laugh like crazy!!!  

Since announcing our move I have found that I had friends that never even said a word or some that never responded to the invite for our party and that made me stop and think and for a minute and my heart hurt but then that night I looked around at the people that truly love us, some that were not there and others that were there that I would have never thought would come and it was then that I realized how blessed our life in Baytown was!  

So as we go through our seasons we have to be sure and water each friendship and we certainly need to have compassion and understanding, and most of all acceptance that they are not perfect and do things differently than we do.  You never know which friend will come into your life that will be a friend soul mate!  You may be blessed to have many or just one!  

In case you are trying to guess.....Tracy is the one that said she hoped we were not seasonal friends!  Turns out we aren't!

The couples friends that travel together, laugh together and love together stay together!

I will miss my girl time! 

That was a great night!  

The ladies retreat!  WE laughed until we cried!

I miss that time in my life!  What a great weekend that was!

Jun 24, 2014

Where have I been?

Home!!!!  I have been busy getting my house in order and all the millions of boxes unloaded and put in their right place!  Sarita Farms is coming together!  Slowly but surely........
We are enjoying cool evenings on our front porch.  The breeze is unreal!

We rescued two of the sweetest dogs ever!  They mind, they are sweet and they have a MEAN bark.  They sound and look mean but are big ol' softies.  I don't know why anyone would have given them up!

We have started attending a new church!  It is amazing.  The building and facilities are amazing.  The music is amazing. The preacher is amazing.  We are so excited to get involved and get to know people!

Boys and Girl's restrooms!

We are loving the country life.  I won't lie and say that I don't itch at all times still......fear snakes.....don't go outside at night yet by myself.  I am always scanning my surroundings!  I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the resident skunk that we smell a lot in the middle of the night!
I love the trees, the beautiful flowers we have and the breeze!  The people of Sarita and Kingsville are very nice people.  I have not encountered one rude person yet and have not gone to the store without have a conversation with at least one person!  Very friendly!

Marc loves to go exploring as he calls it!  Sometimes it's just he and Jesse and sometimes its all of us!

I am also enjoying having ALL my kids under this roof!  Taylor is home and about to start work with his dad!  He finally, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, got his German Shepherd and he is on could nine!