May 7, 2014

WHY? you ask!!

I know I really don't have to give an explanation but almost everyday I get asked about Taylor and why he's not going with us to Sarita.  So here it is......

First, let me say that this decision was not easy at all!  It came with lots of tears on my part and a lot of hesitation but after talking it out a lot with each other and with Taylor and most importantly PRAYER we decided to let him stay here for the summer and get a job.

He has been so blessed to have been asked by at least three GREAT families to live with them until he goes to college!  He chose the house he already spends a lot of time at anyway and feels at home!
Mamma Kay, as the boys call her, is such a precious lady and as Taylor says is a great cook!  I know she is taking good care of my boy.  It's him I worry about.....he can be a slob!!  LOL

I am 41 but I do remember when I was his age and his Dad and I were dating.  If my parents or his parents would have said they were moving to the country in a small town where we knew no one we would not have wanted to go either.  Heck, Marc and I were saying we were getting married at that time and a year later we did!

Taylor has lots of friends and a girlfriend here and I know he doesn't want to leave them.  He will already be leaving most of them in August and some it might be the last time to see them.  College means new friends and only some old ones do you stay connected with.

Does that mean he doesn't love us or wants to be away from us?  No!  Actually, he is having a difficult time adjusting to this new way of life for us too!  I pray that he starts to feel at home soon and has a great summer before it's time to enter the real world!

He and I talk every day......a few times a day!  I text him each morning to see if he's up ready for school and he lets me know where he is at all times!   While we are here in the hotel in Baytown he comes to see us, eats with us, and has a brother date on Friday with his little brothers.

As sad as I was to watch him pull away that Thursday evening I know God is telling me that he's 18 and we are just moving on to a new stage in life.  It's time for him to be a man and to grow up some more!  I have probably been what some call a helicopter mom and have been accused many times of being over protective and trying to control everything he does, says, wears, etc.......
God has really spoke to me over the past month and is telling me to let him spread his wings even if that means he makes a mistake here and there!  That is what grows up in life!  That's hard!  My natural momma instinct is to protect him for all hurt and problems!

So that is it in a nutshell on my part and here is a text my boy sent me last week that are his thoughts in a nutshell........ (this post was not easy......the knot is back and tears, tears, tears!!!!)

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