Apr 24, 2014

All About Jesse........

Since December I have been homeschooling Jesse so that means he and I pretty much spend 24/7 together!  As hard as it is sometimes I wouldn't give this time back with him for anything!

Sometimes I could eat him up and other times I want to pull my hair out but the truth is I am crazy about this little boy and have been since that phone call saying he needed a family!  

Sometimes I sit across the table from him and just smile at those crazy 8 year old boy teeth.....they are crooked and big and beautiful!!!  
He's actually gotten a little meat on his bones this year too.  He is filling out!  Time to get a little more active!  He's excited to move and start raising animals.  He wants to raise a pig!  

He's a worker bee.  You give him a job and he gets it done!  His job in Alabama for Easter was to keep the four wheeler and John Deere Gator clean and boy did he!  When they weren't in use they were clean!   Of course he rode the four wheeler pretty much the entire time we were there!

He is obsessed with trailers and trailer hitches!  He told me just this morning that I really needed a UHaul custom trailer hitch!  LOL!  

He loves Legos and still likes to play with car and trucks.....of course with a trailer!  He's very outdoorsy and I can't wait to see how he adjusts to 52 acres and the country life.  

Momma's boy!
I thank God everyday for this boy of mine!  What a miracle he was and still is.  I wish I could freeze time as I love this age he is at!  

That is the sweetest face!  He was ready to show everyone that he LOVES Jesus!

He was baptized this year!  He was so proud!!!!
Beautiful boy!!!!

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