Mar 15, 2014

Five on Friday- Vensly..........(posted on Saturday!)

Here are FIVE things I love about my boy!!!!

1.  That ACCENT!  It cracks me up!  Still very Haitian at times.  For all of you that know Dr. B.....I call him a mini Dr. Bernard sometimes!

2.  He always tell me "I love you the best Mommy!"  

3.  He laughs so hard at the funniest things!  He can be watching a movie and something I guess we are used to seeing will make him belly laugh!  He has the most precious little laugh!

4.  He loves Pizza.....he can eat about four pieces, he loves ice cream and he loves donut holes!  

5.  He loves school, his friends and his especially his EMMIE!  He does not like to be without Emmie!

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