Mar 17, 2014

Call Me a Prude!

When did it come to the point on social media, whether it's a blog I am reading or even instagram, that I can't even have my children sitting by me because of some trash that comes out of someones mouth?  (luckily, most of the time it is Emily or Vensly sitting by me and they can't read but they can hear!)

There is a blog that I follow and I actually follow her instagram too and today I will become an UNFOLLOWER!  Not that she cares.....she has thousands of followers but I still am going to have my vent here on MY blog that will ALWAYS be safe for anyone to read or watch if I put a video!

This girl is actually amazing as far as her determination and goals she sets for herself.  She has lost over 80lbs and physically is absolutely beautiful.  She has great tips on what she eats, how she got started and even beauty and hair tips.  She has two precious little boys and at first I enjoyed reading her blog until one day Emily was sitting in my lap and I clicked on one of her instgram videos and the first word out of her mouth was the SH word!  Very loud!
Right then I should have stopped reading any of her stuff!  Today after the F-word being said on another video I did stop!  Lately, she has the f-word or others in every post she writes!  Very sad that the same things can be said without all that added in!

Here is what makes me sad......

She has THOUSANDS (like 30K) of followers that love her and hang on her every word so WHY not do something good with that!  If I had that many followers on my blog I would try to do as much good as I could with what I had to say!  I would tell as many people as I could about Jesus and what He can do in your life!

So today I am cleaning up my social media.....if it's not good it goes!  If my babies can't be on my lap while I cruise the internet then I don't need it!

I sometimes wonder why after being off facebook for 6 months I even got back on but then again after moving I need to keep up with the many people I love and will miss like crazy!

Ok vent over!  Have a blessed day!!!!


Bama Girl in AZ said...

I'm pretty sure I read the same blog and understand where you are coming from. However - it's her blog. She is doing what she wants to do with the 30k followers she has. If you want to spread the word about Jesus - you can. It's each bloggers own decision. But to come on your blog "bragging" about your perfection and bad-mouthing her for her choices, well I'm not sure this post ranks above hers? Just a thought.

KimCoker said...

I don't believe in any way are you bragging. what you are saying is that you loved her blog, but didn't love the fact that she couldn't go without throwing out the F-bomb and other words that I truly don't like either. Why? What good are those words anyway. I love you Lesley. Glad you're taking a stand on not listening or reading things with bad language. Sadly our world is getting worse and worse. Just yesterday we were watching a commercial for a restaurant and they were cursing with the words bleeped out. Really is that necessary.

Laura Kay said...

I had a similar experience with a fitness blog...wonder if it was the same one?? I deleted it too!!
There use to be some standards as to what we allow in our lives and a public forum like that blog would not want to offend with profanity, are te wrong one for saying something about it...? I don't think so!
We need to firm up our standards of what we let into our thoughts and minds. Silence will only give consent.