Feb 22, 2014

THE Decision......

Thursday night I was preparing to go to College Station the next morning very early to tour housing and figure out where Taylor is going to live so I decided to check his AIS page to see if his decision was there and low and behold it WAS!  I was so nervous.....we had prepared ourselves that he would probably not get in but we were hopeful anyway.  Doesn't hurt to stay positive!
So I prayed and clicked on it and I read this.......

Thank you for your interest in Texas A&M University. This year's applicant pool is very competitive, and the number of high achieving, admissible applicants for Fall 2014 freshman admission exceeds the number of students we can accommodate in our freshman class. While we are unable to offer you full admission at this time, we are pleased to offer you the following option:
  • Participation in Texas A&M's Program for System Admission (PSA). Texas A&M will guarantee admission to students who successfully complete their first year of college (fall and spring semesters) at a participating Texas A&M University System institution and satisfy all PSA requirements. Applicants are pre-qualified for admission to a system school; therefore, not all students will be eligible for admission at all system schools. The schools for which you qualify for admission are displayed below. This program is limited to specific majors and requires that applicants complete at least 24 transferable hours with a minimum 3.0 GPR in courses noted in the program-specific degree plans. For more information about PSA, visit visit http://admissions.tamu.edu/PSA. To be considered for participation in PSA, submit your request below by May 1, 2014.

While is wasn't exactly what we were hoping for I was proud of him for working hard on his essays and for having a good resume.  And I was glad it wasn't a flat out NO.  Just a "work hard one year and you are IN!"

He has decided to try to work hard by going to Blinn and trying to get in next year that way instead of going to the ones they would require.  We went Friday and toured a few different housing options and decided on one that is a dorm type setting for his first year.  It is in the heart of College Station and within walking distance to almost anything he will need.  They say he wouldn't even have to take his truck!  

I am excited for him and sad for me all at the same time!  BUT.....I know that this is the beginning of a huge change for my boy!  He will be starting his adult hood with graduating high school, then college, a career, then marriage and one day a family!  How exciting to see!

 May my son be strong and courageous and not fear or be in dread, for it is You, Lord, our God, who goes with him. You will never leave him or forsake him (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Feb 18, 2014

Homeschooling......Why I WANT to be a Homeschool Mom!

I was reading an article.....THIS ONE......and it was on the reasons why she homeschools her children and after the year my sweet Noah, who is in 6th grade has had these three things stuck out to me!

  • Shelter: I want to protect our children from being taught about pole dancing at the lunch table {true story from a reading friend}.  I think it’s a good thing for childhood innocence to be kept in-tact to whatever degree it may. Which goes along with…
  • Childhood:  This is huge in my book.  Childhood seems to have all but disappeared from our society.  By 8-years old many girls have ditched their dolls for magazines and make-up.  Boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are pushed, and even sought after.  Where have all the children gone?
  • Physical Safety:  Keeping our kids away from drugs, gangs, profanity, violence, and bullies is a good thing!
This is all so true!  Where has childhood gone?  Why did my son have to learn about sex, what a douche is, and MANY other nasty things that I never wanted in his mind until he was mature enough to handle it!  
It was mostly due to the fact that he and us, his parents, wanted him to play sports!  There are some nasty mouthed kids at his school and we go to a Christian school!!!!!  ( I know that going to a Christian school doesn't mean they are better believe me!  I guess I am naive to think they would be!)
The bullying is horrible this year.  My son has shed many tears for some of his friends and even himself at times.  He has dealt with racism, rudeness, foul mouths and much more!  What is wrong with our schools?  Where are the parents?  What happen to teaching our kids morals?  

This has really had me thinking about homeschooling full time all of my children at least in the older years.  We are giving public school ONE chance next year and if things aren't going like I hope we are out of there!  
I know some of you are thinking you can't shield your child from everything and it's not good to be over protective BUT the way I look at it is I have ONE chance to get this right with each child.   I speak from experience with Taylor, my oldest, that you blink and they are ready for the real world.  Schools are so different than even they were when he was younger!  He stayed innocent so much longer than my sweet Noah!  

This was another reason she listed that struck me.....

Courtship:  Another aspect of life that my husband and I learned about late is courtship.  What a beautiful idea that the Lord already has your spouse predestined for each person.  No need to date around before marriage.   I think that is a beautiful goal.

Now hubby has a little bit different view on this than me but I am really starting to think about this courtship thing and what it means!  That's a different subject for a different time! One to think about though!

I am just praying about my children's education and listening to my motherly instinct but I do know that I am going to try my best to keep my children's head filled with things of God and not of this world that is getting so tainted!  

I hope you will too!

Feb 9, 2014

Offer Accepted.......It's really happening!

A while back I was on the computer looking at house after house in Corpus and surrounding areas and on a side bar a farmhouse came up as a suggestion so I clicked on it.  WOW!  Dream house!  It was in Kingsville so I asked hubby how far that was from Corpus and he said about 40 minutes....not to bad!  A month or so passed and we remembered that house so we set up a time to "just go look" and what do you know WE FELL IN LOVE!  It's a 100 year old farmhouse on 52 acres right outside of Kingsville in a little town called Sarita. There are about four porches and five fireplaces inside!  Character galore!  There is a three car garage with 2 mother in laws guest quarters and about 5 other kinds of structures and barns!  So after about a month now of going back and forth we accepted their counter offer and hopefully if things go accordingly we will be the owners on March 31st!!!!!  The schools are very small and very good in this area so our boys will be going to public school for the first time.  They actually are very excited!  Jesse, Vensly and Emily's school is literally down the road from our house.  Noah's will be in another nearby town!  It is rated a 9 out of 10.
Sarita, Texas was named after Sarita Kennedy of the Kennedy family, which most hunters know as the Kennedy ranch.  This was supposedly her honeymoon house!  They say if the walls could talk you would be amazed.  They say there are even bullet holes in the floors!
We are also close to Baffin Bay which is some of the best fishing in Texas I am told!  That could have helped seal Marc's decision!

I want to remove the screened part of the porch that is showing to make it an open porch!

It needs some updating like paint and a whole lot of landscaping but that part is always fun for me!  I think it will keep me busy for a long time!
If you see below the round thing with dead greenery in it......I can just see that overflowing with pretty flowers!

The back of the house!  Again I will remove the screens where the greenery is but way over to the left will stay screened so I can do a sleeping porch!

This is part of the yard!  The red colored stuff is a HUGE bougainvillea!
This is the front of the house and a side.  My mom said the brick is where they used to pull their cars up to.  I can't see driving right up to the door! :)

I love this shot!!!  I can just imagine what the house will look like when most of the porches look this way without the screened in parts!

Now I just pray that surveys, appraisals, and all the rest of the paperwork and stuff you need to close gets done!!!!!  
If all goes well we will close March 31st!!!!!

Here is a youtube video with some other pictures of the house!!!!