Jan 29, 2014

The Dreaded Haircut!

I have always love my baby girls beautiful long brown hair!  She was born with enough hair to have immediately put a bow in it and this morning at the age of 4 it was almost to her booty!  That's where her brother steps in......oh yes, they played beauty shop this morning and he cut a chunk out of her hair!  The side to be exact, which I guess is much better than the front or up to the scalp!

So, we had a trip to the salon and had to make it all even.  I will say it is precious on her but I will also say I felt like crying seeing all that hair hit the floor.  I know....it's only hair.....it will grow back!  I still felt sad.  She's only had two haircuts in her little life and her daddy and I loved her long hair.  She has always been known for her great hair!  Now she will be known for her sassy little bob!

This is her and her personal hair dresser waiting for "the fix"!

She was so scared of the shampoo bowl!  She screamed at first!

Believe it or not it is kinky curly underneath so the lady had to round brush it!

She said eventually Emily will have curly hair!  I am shocked.....her dad and I both have stick straight hair!

She looked so grown sitting there in the cape and having it dried! 

Where is my baby?

She is my precious baby girl even with a grown up bob!!!

She has so much hair it looked like a wig from the back!!!!

Here is the after!!!  Pretty Cute!!!!

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Hoots Momma said...

Cute as a BUG!!! Love it!