Jan 7, 2014


Laughter is one thing I want to do more of this year!  Here are some moments of laughter my family and friends have had!!!!

Laura meeting and playing with Vensly for the first time in Haiti!!!!

I can just hear them laughing in this picture!  One of my favorites!!!!

He makes me laugh like no one else!!!!!!!!!

Funny girl with her wild hair!!!!

These three had LOTS of laughter going on at their sleep over!!!!

Vensly's face says it all!!!!

Dancing can make you crack up!!!!

Brain freeze can make you laugh too!!!!

Lady Gray makes them laugh a lot!!!!

Valentine from Daddy!!!!

Hugs from the Easter bunny!!!

There are many laughs with us girls!!!!!

Lots of laughs trying to get into this position!!!!  

Hubby has the best laugh and smile ever!  Uncle Dan does too!!!!!

Fun in the sun!!!!!

Boxing with Dad in pink gloves will get you laughing!!!

First day of school laughs!!!!


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