Jan 24, 2014

Five on Friday.......

Here are some of my favorites this week......

1.  My time with my girlfriends and date nights with our best friends!  I know this is going to be short as January is almost over and we will be gone by June!
I am going to miss so many sweet people that the Lord has brought into our lives over the last 5 or so years.  
So for the next few months one of my favorite things is going to be spending time with my friends!!!!

2.  BETH MOORE!  My friends and I are doing her Tuesday night Bible Study in Houston!  We leave at 4:30 and eat dinner and then dig into the word with Beth!  She is amazing!!!!!!  I love her and could listen to her all day.....not to mention she has the best clothes and hair ever!!!!!

3.  NARS eye paint!!!!  I love this stuff!  A few months ago I had my eyeliner tattooed on and it has started to fade a lot and I it hurt to bad to have it darkened so this is the next best stuff!  Plus if you don't take it off with soap it stays for days!!!!  :)
The little brush makes it so easy and puts it on so perfect!!!!!

4.  Dr. Gary Chapman and his book the Five Love Languages!

Dr. Chapman came to our church this past weekend and Marc and I got to go hear him on Saturday night and it was great to be reminded that we need to speak our spouses and our children's love languages.  
Here are ours......
Me- QUALITY TIME for sure!  And second....words of affirmation.
Marc- WORDS OF AFFIRMATION and I think second my be acts of service.

We also quizzed the three older boys about theirs and I had Noah and Jesse pegged but was totally wrong on Taylor's but it was a pleasant surprise!!!

Noah- Quality time! 
Jesse- Quality time!

Taylor was Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch!  He said he likes when I hug him and tell him that I am proud of him!!  I could have sworn it was gifts!!!  LOL!

Here is the quiz to find out what your language is.......

5.  Farmhouses!  I am all about farmhouses lately!!!!  I hope that we can either find one in our around Corpus or build one that looks old on a huge piece of property!  I want a porch and a really simple house and a CHICKEN COOP!  

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Christy said...

I love farmhouses too...and chicken coups! I've wanted some chickens for a while now. Hope you find the perfect place. We definitely have to get together before y'all move.