Jan 27, 2014

Conviction and Today's TV...

Lately I have found myself feeling convicted over things I used to not think twice about.  I have been told I am growing in my faith and that is why.  I hope that is true!  :)

I have always loved shows like The Bachelor, Real Housewives, award shows like the Grammy's, many other reality shows, Lifetime movies and have watched many rated R movies in my life.  It's gotten really hard to do it lately!

(Please know I am not judging anyone that does like those shows!  I had the same heart and beliefs when I did watch them as I do now so I am not judging, saying you are bad or not a Christian if you do!)

I looked up the word convicted and there were about four definitions but this one is what describes how I feel.....

Convicted- 3. To make aware of one's sinfulness or guilt

I think about my children and what I want their little heads filled with and it's not the stuff I see on TV now days or even what a lot of "famous" singers and stars are standing for!  So over time I would start watching a show like some mentioned above and immediately start feeling guilty for putting it in my head!  So, I eventually stopped all together.  It wasn't easy as I LOVED the show Scandal and I had to just stop cold turkey!  But now what I don't know doesn't hurt me or fill my mind with bothersome stuff.  

John 16:8 (NEB) "When he [the Holy Spirit] comes, he will convict the world, and show where right and wrong and judgment lie. He will convict them of wrong..."

The first work of the Holy Spirit is the conviction of sin. If we are temples of the Spirit, His presence, His name in us will convict us, and others, of sin. We will feel more affinity towards those who, like us, long for more conviction, repentance, and the power of God to live a life that will stand the test of fire.

I have also discovered Netflix "faith and spirituality" movies.  They are not the best actors in the world but they always have the best message and I finish the movie feeling good and not guilty or what I just watched or put into my mind!
I love the Hallmark Channel.....so much so that my hubby and boys laugh at me.  Their movies are always clean, wholesome and have a good message.  
I strongly believe that if you have to worry about your kids walking into the room when the TV is on then you don't need to be watching it!

I have a friend who once said that after watching a Grammy performance he needed to bleach his eyes!  Do we really want our son's or daughter's watching something that a MAN felt like he needed to bleach his eyes afterwards? I don't!  

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, in order to prove by you what is that good and pleasing and perfect will of God.
Have a great evening and stay warm!  Houston is shutting down for the next two days!!!  :)

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