Dec 24, 2013

1st and 2nd Annual Christmas Date with Mommy and Daddy!

Last year Marc and I took Emily to see Peter Pan on Broadway and to dinner at a really nice restaurant.  The boys said they had no interest in going to a play at all and Vensly just wasn't ready to be out like that yet last year so it was just us three!  We had to best time.  Emily and I got all dressed up and met Daddy at work so he was already dressed up!  She LOVED Peter Pan and sat through every bit of it.  She looked beautiful in her Christmas dress and coat Aunt Charlene made her.  Actually the coat was her cousins who is now in college!  
Here are last years pictures........ (they are iphone pictures so they aren't great!)

At Daddy's work picking him up to head out!

At the restaurant with my daddy!

We decided to make this a tradition and  just the three of us will go on a Christmas date and do something fun!  This year Elf was playing and I didn't think she would sit still for that and I waited to long to get Nutcracker tickets so we just decided to go shopping and go eat in Highland Village that is all lit up for Christmas!  Daddy bought us the Hunter boots I have been wanting!  He's to good to us!

I think the lights there are more beautiful than NYC at Christmas!

We went to Sprinkles before dinner to get cupcakes for her brothers and of course her too!

Dad took us to Nordstrom's to buy us our boots!!!!!

Me and my sweet girl in front of the Galleria Christmas tree!

Emmie's boots!!!!  Of course in PINK!

And here are mine!  (this is a bad iphone pic!)
She insisted on chopsticks!!!!!

I hope she never outgrows going on dates with us!!!!!


Morissa Momo Foster said...

So sweet! She is precious! Love the boots. I can wait to get Bauer and myself some matching Dr Martens ; )

Christy said...

Looks like fun! :)