Dec 24, 2013

1st and 2nd Annual Christmas Date with Mommy and Daddy!

Last year Marc and I took Emily to see Peter Pan on Broadway and to dinner at a really nice restaurant.  The boys said they had no interest in going to a play at all and Vensly just wasn't ready to be out like that yet last year so it was just us three!  We had to best time.  Emily and I got all dressed up and met Daddy at work so he was already dressed up!  She LOVED Peter Pan and sat through every bit of it.  She looked beautiful in her Christmas dress and coat Aunt Charlene made her.  Actually the coat was her cousins who is now in college!  
Here are last years pictures........ (they are iphone pictures so they aren't great!)

At Daddy's work picking him up to head out!

At the restaurant with my daddy!

We decided to make this a tradition and  just the three of us will go on a Christmas date and do something fun!  This year Elf was playing and I didn't think she would sit still for that and I waited to long to get Nutcracker tickets so we just decided to go shopping and go eat in Highland Village that is all lit up for Christmas!  Daddy bought us the Hunter boots I have been wanting!  He's to good to us!

I think the lights there are more beautiful than NYC at Christmas!

We went to Sprinkles before dinner to get cupcakes for her brothers and of course her too!

Dad took us to Nordstrom's to buy us our boots!!!!!

Me and my sweet girl in front of the Galleria Christmas tree!

Emmie's boots!!!!  Of course in PINK!

And here are mine!  (this is a bad iphone pic!)
She insisted on chopsticks!!!!!

I hope she never outgrows going on dates with us!!!!!

Dec 21, 2013

Favorite Things on Friday.........

I am obsessed with Hunter Wellies right now and am going to order Emily and I both some after Chrismtas!  Aren't they cute!  You can see them {here}.

this picture was taken off pinterest.

I am really loving the smell of these Bath and Body Works candles...........

I LOVE my Christmas tree this year!  My mom came and decorated it for me and it turned out beautiful!  It is all Raz decorations that I bought from my aunts store last year......I hate to see it come down soon!

The picture really does not do it justice!  

I have been sick for the last 24 hours and have spent most of yesterday in the bed and today on the couch!  I am loving my husband for taking care of the kids, grocery shopping, and today is making me homemade chicken noodle soup!

This was in NYC last weekend!  I think he may be the hottest hubby and dad on this earth!!!!!! favorite time of year will be here in three days!  CHRISTMAS!  The birth of our Savior!  I hope each of you know the true meaning of Christmas and have a wonderful Christmas day!

Dec 18, 2013

A New Start!

We are homeschooling again!  Well just Jesse......he officially started the third grade over again on Monday last week!  We are doing The A Beka Academy and we are loving it.  He actually has a teacher that teaches him all subjects each day through DVD's.  Some of it is just review for him but some is actually a challenge for him too.  We send his tests in each week and he is given a report card and official transcripts at the end of the year.
I really enjoy the time alone with him each day.  It's hard to get that with five kids!  

This was our first day before getting a desk and all the supplies we needed!  

On another note................
Check back after the first of the year for a HUGE announcement that I can finally share with EVERYONE!  We are so excited and a little scared all at the same time but this was something that we have prayed about for a long time and we know that God has finally given us the green light!  

We are also waiting to hear back from a college that Taylor really wants to attend to see if he was accepted or not.  He was already accepted to one that he liked but not as much as this one.  SO.....again after the first I pray I will be making that announcement too!  Either way I am so proud of him for all his hard work these past 13 years of school and I know that no matter where he goes and what he decides to do in life he will be successful and happy!!!!!