Nov 11, 2013

Mother Daughter Bucket List.........

I saw a mother daughter bucket list on pinterest and I decided to write mine!  I LOVE my boys and there are many things I want to do with them but here is my girl's only list...........

1.  See the big city together!  NYC......I can't wait to take her to the AG store and the so many other things there are to do there!  That will be my dream trip come true with her!  I hope she loves NYC as much as I do.

2.  Go pick up Meme and have a spa day just us three girls.  Mother/Daughter/Daughter DAY!

3.  Do our first Bible study together!

4.  Get a makeover together when she's old enough to wear makeup!  (LONG TIME FROM NOW)

5.  Go on a special shopping spree together.

6.  Have a mother/daughter photo shoot together!

7.  Go on a road trip without knowing exactly where we are going!

8.  Many more pedicures and manicures together!

9.  Make dinner together for our boys!

10.  Watch a sunset and sunrise together......just the two of us!

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