Oct 28, 2013

Marriage Monday.........Things that say I LOVE YOU!

Again, I got the idea from my favorite marriage blog......The Time Warp Wife.
Maybe one day I will have my OWN topics to talk about!  :)

She has 102 things that say I LOVE YOU to her or her husband.  I am not sure if I can come up with that many in the few minutes I have to blog this morning but I sure have some!

Here they are.......

This may be part 1.....

When he first winked at me at Sears almost 21 years ago!

The way he was always such a gentleman when we were dating.  I never paid for ANYTHING and never opened my own door.

When he asked me to marry him at a gas station because he couldn't wait any longer!  (I still tell him I need a redo one day!)

How he looked so handsome and SO YOUNG standing at the alter waiting to say I DO!

The way he's always encouraged my dreams and the things I love.

The way he's been such a great provider from the day we got married.

The day our first son was born.

The way he held me the day I found out we couldn't have anymore biological children.

The day he called me to tell me we are supposed to adopt.

The day they handed us Noah.

The day he said YES to Jesse.

The day we watched Jesse come off that plane!

The day I told him I was pregnant with our miracle girl!!!!

The way that he KNEW it was a girl and that she would have BROWN hair and blue eyes!

When he went to Haiti and came home a changed man.

How he feel in love with a tiny little Haitian boy that barely weighed anything and couldn't even swallow.

How he knew Vensly was our fifth and final child!

How he loves the country and the people of Haiti.

How he leads our home spiritually.

His prayers!

The way he kisses me on my neck EVERY morning before leaving for work.

How he dances like a crazy man!

How he makes me laugh like no one else!

The way he loves me unconditionally.

The way he loves my long hair.

Watching him dance with our baby girl!

Snuggling at night.

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Erin said...

This made me tear up! So Sweet!