Sep 9, 2013

A Day in the Life of ME!'s tiring!

Let me just say for anyone new reading that I have 5 kids!  FIVE!  Ages, 17, 11, 8, and TWO 4 year olds!  Tired yet?

6 AM- Hubby and I get up, read our Bible together and pray about our day.

7 AM- get the big boys up for school and usually the little ones are up by then too.  Help them dress (Jesse), feed them (when they eat.....they are not breakfast eaters at all), and they are out the door with Taylor at 7:25.  Put on a load of laundry!

7:30-8:00- I get to sit down and read my emails or just get on the internet while Emily and Vensly eat breakfast and watch TV.

8:00- Get the little ones ready for school, fix lunches, and get backpacks ready to go!
Try to throw myself together enough to run them to school.

8:50- Drop them off at school.

9:10-  Get home put clothes in the dryer and put on another load.  Clean up the mess we made in the morning and believe me IT'S A MESS!  We can destroy a clean house in the matter of an hour!

10:00- P90X!  I work out to P90X for the next hour and then am drenched in sweat when I am done!!!

11:00- Take a shower and really get dressed for the day!

12:00- Laundry!  Laundry!  Make beds.....or at least my bed!  Pick up toys!

Sometimes I use the next two hours to run errands before picking up the littles!

2:00-  Pick up Vensly and Emily from school!

2:45- We have 45 minutes to kill between picking up E & V so we usually ride around and they watch a movie to take a short nap.  Emily thinks we should have Chick Fil A everyday!!!!  We don't but sometimes we do!!!
Then we pick up Jesse from school.

3:00-  HOME!  Back home again with the three littles now!  Fix them a snack and get on homework for Jesse.  I do more laundry and clean up some more while they go behind me messing up!  :)

3:30- somewhere around this time Taylor gets home!

4:00- Start supper!

5:30-  Either Marc or I one pick up Noah from football at the school.
He gets home exhausted and hungry!

6:00-  We sit down to dinner at this time!

7:00-  Start getting baths and getting ready for bed!  Clean the kitchen after supper!

7:30- Emily and Vensly go to bed at 7:30 and the others are getting showers and getting ready for bed.

8:30- Jesse goes to bed!  Marc and I finally sit down to watch TV together or I sit with him while he watches his shows and I cruise the internet!

9:00- Noah goes to bed!

10:00- Taylor goes to bed and we aren't far behind!!!!!

It's been a long day!!!!!!

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Christy said...

Sounds somewhat familiar. :)