Sep 21, 2013

Favorite Things!!!!!

1.  I am loving this blog lately!  I am always studying marriage and how to make mine the best it can be and especially glorify Him while being married!

As her blog states......she helps empower women to joyfully serve their husband and most importantly teaches you what it means to serve!  The Biblical meaning!

2.  I am loving Friday Night Lights and watching my boy play football!  He's only in 6th grade so he doesn't get a lot of playing time but I still love that he's part of a team and is learning to be strong and what team work is all about!  
Not to mention he is SO CUTE in that uniform!!!

My #56 Bulldog!

3.  Nikes!  Since I have been doing P90X for the last 83 days I am addicted to Nikes!  I have never really been a shoe person but since I live in workout clothes lately I am loving all the wild colors they have this year!
I have bought two pair in the last month and these are next.......

I bought these first!

Then these!!!!!

I LOVE these!!!!  These are my next purchase!!!!

4.  Workout Clothes!!!!  If I am going to work out everyday I might as well look cute doing it!!!!!  I love all the wild colors and can wait for cooler weather to wear hoodies and long yoga pants!
One day I will be fit enough to wear white pants like this........

5.  I am obsessed with finding the perfect dress for our company Christmas party this year!!!!  I love these.....
We are having a Black/White and Red party theme........

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I hope you enjoyed my five favorite things this week!  Even though it is Saturday!

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