Aug 7, 2013

Paleo Lunches.......for kids!

I pinned a pin this weekend and just went back and actually read the site!  I am so excited about packing my kids lunches now!  Noah and Jesse have never brought their lunch and honestly I have spent a fortune between them and Taylor.  I'm talking like $300 month sometimes or maybe even more!

I showed this site to Noah and he loves everything she packs so I am going to print it and make each one once school starts.

CLICK HERE TO SEE--------> PALEO Kids lunches


If you have been following me and my new blog you know that my life has revolved around p90x lately and this healthy eating thing!  I have been really interested in paleo eating and clean eating in general.
Paleo= caveman eating.....meaning eating like cavemen used too!  Now, I am not sure if I can do it totally but combining what they say about it and just plain clean eating it's not to hard!  And SO good for you!

You can read about my journey to losing 50 at 40.......HERE!!!!!

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