Jul 26, 2013

Three Important Things I Have Learned As A Wife......

When I married I was really young.....to young if you were to ask me now!  BUT....we are about to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary!
We were 19 and 21......

Of course I have learned some really big lessons but I wanted to just share a few small things that can be big to our hubbies!
One my hubby just revealed to me a few weeks ago.......(these are mainly for stay-at-home moms because that is what I have been my whole married life so I don't know any different.  I actually don't know how my working mom did it all those years!)

1.  Dinner AT HOME!  I am embarrassed to say that it took me this long to learn how extremely important this is to my husband.  He has said things on and off through our whole marriage about it but never really complained about my non-cooking!  He finally told me that when I cook a homemade meal that to him that shows him I love him and care about what he wants!  WOW!

Tip-  My best friend and I told a whole day and made freezer meals.  I ended up with 8 freezer meals that day and that was the easiest 8 days of cooking I have ever had!  Actually I don't think I have ever cooked 8 days in a row.  He was so happy and we had lots of family time!  I don't think we have had fast food or otherwise in about three weeks.  Saving money and so much better for us!

2. Make your house a home.  Keep it clean!  I have always enjoyed decorating and redecorating my house so making it a home has come easy to me and I know my husband loves that about me.  He always loves our house and anything I do.  We have been lucky that we always have the same taste and ideas about our home.

Tip- KEEP IT CLEAN!  I don't always get this one totally right but I try!  Early in my marriage my house was a wreck most of the time out of just being immature but today I try to make sure my hubby comes home to a clean living room and bedroom.  I don't think it's fair for him to work all day and come home to a mess!  I understand with kids this is not always possible but try.....at least TRY to make him have a nice space to come home and relax in!  Light candles......use plug-ins or better yet the smell of dinner in the crock pot is good too!

This is his view every night!

3. PRAY FOR HIM!  Pray for your hubby EVERYDAY!  There are so many things that our husband have to face and things that they may not pray for themselves so it's up to us to pray it for them!  Here are just a few of them......
his job
his finances
his choices
his protection
his health
his temptations
his purpose
his fears
his mind........this list can go on and on!  Just pick the ones that each day you think he needs!  
The Power of the Praying Wife is a good book to help you with that!  It's by Stormie Omartian.

4.  PRAY TOGETHER!  We have just recently started this and while I still feel nervous at times it has changed my marriage.  I can't even explain it right now but it's amazing the feeling I have when we are praying together.  What an answered prayer for me!  God is good and His timing is perfect!  
If you and your husband don't do this just pray that God will bring you together in this way and in time He will.  I prayed about this in my own marriage for years.  Even though Marc was a very Godly man it just wasn't our thing.....now it is though!!!!  I love it!

I really think I love this man more today than I did the day I married him!

Try these things.....at least the first three and pray about the fourth and I promise you won't regret it!  Your marriage will be better for it!


Hoots Momma said...

so so true Lesley. I truly believe in creating a nurtured nest at home. It should be the place we want to be most. Like home base... our safe and familiar place. It shouldn't be cluttered and disarrayed. although mine often is... I'm working on it! Too many projects! Any way congrats on 19 years... yall were just babes... and I love the picture of you guys!!

tammy mcclain said...

I love to read your blog, but very seldom comment on blogs. I do not have a blog. But want to thank-you for the tips. I needed to"hear" this. Awesome tips!!!