Jul 30, 2013

More on Marriage.....

After Vensly coming home and the dynamics of our family changing and him being older I thought maybe I needed to start seeing a counselor to help me make sure I am doing things right and to just help me work through some things I struggle with in having five children and some personal stuff.

Yesterday hubby went with me and the counselor asked us about our marriage and we told him our whole story....struggles and all!  One thing I was proud of that he told us is that he doesn't even know what "statistic" we are or what category he would put us in.  Why you ask?  Because we got married at 19 and 21 and have had some major struggles that we made it through stronger than ever and are about to celebrate 19 years of marriage next month!  He said we should be very proud of that and WE ARE!  I am so blessed.

He did tell us some things that we should always make sure we are doing to help keep that connection.  One is a 5 second embrace.......meaning truly hug each other for at least five seconds EVERYDAY!  Not just a hug good bye or a quick kiss good bye but a real hug!  I dare you to try it!  :)

One thing that had me sad after was him telling Marc that he needs to remember that he is the ONLY man in this world that can make me feel secure.....wow that is huge for Marc.....for any husband!

What made me sad is to think how many women in this world feel insecure because their husband doesn't know that.  No one has ever told them that is their job.  He should spend everyday making her feel secure!  Has Marc always gotten this one right?  No, but he has learned with maturity and educating himself about how us women work!  

It seems that as Marc and I grow in Christ together my insecurities are fading. The more we study together what God has to say about marriage the more we do things different and the better our marriage is becoming.  Not that it has been bad, it hasn't, but it's a more Christ centered marriage now.  We are actually implementing those Biblical practices now!

I pray that God will use our marriage and what we have learned and are learning to help other young couples to protect themselves with the tools they need to have a long, happy, Christ centered marriage!

I love when he plays his guitar for us!  

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Christy said...

Good stuff! Amen!