Jul 12, 2013

Five on Friday.......

I have had some serious writer's block lately so today I saw an idea to write about FIVE things I have going on right now or five things I am loving.......

The biggest thing going on in my life right now is P90X.....yes, that's right I am officially on day 13 today!  Tomorrow marks 2 WEEKS since I started.  I am so excited to finish the 90 days and hopefully be a NEW ME!
I started a blog about my days....what I have learned or what I am learning!  It's not easy but I am so proud I have stuck it out this long and I will be darn if I am quitting now!

I am hoping to rock this number next summer for my 20th wedding anniversary!!!
(and to have that body! )

That brings me to the second thing......eating clean!  I have tried so hard to do this and it is not easy!  I have bought almost everything organic and some vegan stuff but my kids are fighting it every step of the way!  That's ok.....p90x has made me so much stronger......I can take them!!!!!  Ok, I have to admit that the veggie dogs were gross!!!!  LOL!

The third thing I am loving is my 6 A.M. appointment each morning with my hubby to read our Bibles together!  I love to see how God speaks to us during that time with whatever we choose to read!
I really feel like we have grown so much closer because of this.  Am I still a little embarrassed to pray in front of my hubby of almost 20 years?  Yes, but it's getting easier!

The fourth thing is this new app for pictures!  I LOVE IT!  It's called Rhonna Designs and I know it's available for IPhone!

Five is being with my kids this summer and swimming late into the night!  I told hubby last night that putting in our pool was the best thing we every did!  My kids definitely get our moneys worth out of it!  I love sitting outside in the evening rocking in my rocking chair and watching them swim!  Memories are being made for sure!!!!!
Also, Mamaw's new waterside.....my kids love it and can't wait to go back to play on it!

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Danielle said...

It was such a blessing to chat with you Sunday! I decided to follow through with what we discussed about social media! Thank you for being an encouragement to me :-)