Jun 6, 2013

The Couple that PRAYS Together Stays Together!

This morning was mine and hubby's first time get up before the birds and study our Bible together and best of all.....PRAY together!  We have always said a blessing before dinner but it's usually one of our kids that say it or each of them take turns!  But this morning after we finished our daily lesson in our Follow Me study Marc prayed for us!  I have waited and prayed consistently for the last year for this to happen and today was that day!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!

I am excited about our future together as today we grew spiritually a little more as a couple and each day it will be more and more as we get to know God better and His plan for our life!

We (meaning hubby and I) often wonder what God is doing in our life......what it is He truly wants us to be doing.  We have even wondered if He wants us to sell it all and move somewhere to help others.  That is a scary thought......one that would be very out of our comfort zone but sometimes we are called to be uncomfortable aren't we?

I haven't read many blogs lately and yesterday took some time to catch up on some of my favorites and this was one that I read......

Wow.....to be that obedient to follow His calling on your life like this couple did!

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Hoots Momma said...

great post Les! Its wonderful when you pray and study together. What a wonderful blessing God gave us... if we would just slow down and do it. you'll both feel great all day!!